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What inspires me?

As a wedding blogger, weddings absolutely inspire me. All that pretty and the romance. Ah, the romance! I guess my style is quite eclectic, so it figures I have a broad range of what I find beautiful and inspiring. In particular though, I adore the following styles.

Being a bit of a glam girl at heart, I love all things glamorous, particularly vintage 1920s and 1930s.

The free spirit in me loves the boho vibe too. You can’t beat a bit of rustic, outdoor styling and give me a festival type wedding any day of the week. I’m also loving the boho glam look that’s trending at the moment.

Quirky, kooky and alternative detailing gets me every time. Colourful hair, awesome tats and lots of creativity. Yes please.

Contemporary. I do love a modern, chic wedding with all the stylish and urban paraphernalia of a fashion forward bride.

I’m also obsessed with…

Beautiful photography. Sun dappled images make me go weak!

Nature and the outdoors, I adore flowers.

Colour [particularly metallics], pinterest keeps me entertained for hours.

Things that glitter, flutter and shine. I’m particularly fond of sequins and confetti.

Things I love!

Food and festivals. Cocktails and posh hotels.

food, cocktails

Photo-booths and posing.

My best friends and having fun.

Sonia and Iz, Hampstead Heath

The proposal!

The plan was for Chris to take me to the beach and then propose . When he suggests a romantic walk along the beach I think… ‘Aww that’s sweet, he’s doing something I really want to do’.

So we set off from the apartment we’re sharing with friends. As we reach the bottom of the stairs I casually mention going back and getting a beer to take with us. Chris persuades me not to and we head off to the beach. As we pass the parade of shops, I suggest we go for a pre-beach cocktail. Again, Chris persuades me to keep walking. When we arrive at the beach, I can see a pretty little Taverna with cocktails written all over it. ‘Maybe we can get a drink’ I smile. ‘No no’ Chris replies, ‘Let’s walk down the beach and watch the sun set’.

So we continue walking towards the sunset where I then complain I can’t see without my shades! So of course, we turn around and walk in the opposite direction. Whilst walking, Chris is being incredibly chatty, asking me loads of questions. I remember thinking. ‘Why is Chris being super nice?’ and then it dawns on me. oh. my. god. is he going to PROPOSE??

I manage to calm myself down, thinking no, of course he’s not going to propose. So that’s when I just blurt out. ‘What’s up with you? You’re acting like you’re gonna propose or something!’ To my complete and utter shock Chris replies ‘Maybe I am’ and drops down on one knee.

‘Sonia’,  he says ‘Will you make me the happiest man in the world. Will you be my wife?’

I immediately burst into tears, discarding my bag along the beach. Chris, still on bended knee and holding out my beautiful engagement ring says ‘See baby. I got the one you wanted’.

I obviously said yes  and then called my Mum & Dad and then my best friend to tell them all the happy news. I was so shocked, I couldn’t believe I was actually engaged.

When we arrive back at the apartment our expectant friends are waiting. They’ve decorated the balcony with balloons, streamers, and have the champagne on ice. Romantic music plays in the background and they’re videoing the whole moment. They were more excited than we were!

Chris and I a little later enjoying that much needed cocktail… As you can see, I’m still totally emotional and shell-shocked!

Chris Proposes

So that’s my proposal story now…

Now I wanna hear about you!

Tell me your story! How did you meet and how did he / she propose? What kind of wedding do you want to have? And are you a little bit excited?!!

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