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Modern Day Titanic Love Shoot

Afternoon ladies, I’m in a little pickle today… my thoughts have turned to WTW and the fact that it / we / I… turn one on August 23rd and should I have a party to celebrate this achievement?! Eeeep. I’m not sure. I mean, I would love to, but I’ve never actually been very good at parties. I’m forever scarred by a birthday party I shared many moons ago. Approximately 4 people turned up for me and about 40 for the other birthday girl. Everyone sang happy birthday to my friend and forgot to say my name too.
This may come as a surprise {it certainly would to those who know me} but I suffer from the most terrible nerves when it comes to parties, I’m terrible at networking, small talk, etc,  etc and so tend to overcompensate. I chat… and I chat… and I chat. Unfortunately, most of it is just waffly drivel and I’m so intensely nervous I forget to ask people questions. So you see… not. good. at. parties.
On the other hand, should I let this opportunity to celebrate WTW’s success just float on by or should I conquer my party hating demons and just organise a god damn kick ass party?
Anyhoo! Enough of my party insecurities… what do I have for you tonight? Well, I have a modern day, Titanic love shoot to share, that’s what I have my dears! These images have been captured by one of my fab sponsors, brilliant wedding photographer, Carla Thomas
This shoot was inspired by the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, and though it pays homage to the film – you’ll understand when you see the models(!), whilst organising the shoot, I become aware of how few weddings I have seen on boats in the UK.  
Titanic Love Shoot
I really wanted to do the shoot on a boat so found a number of companies who hire cruisers and other boats for weddings and was ever so slightly excited when Top Sail Events agreed to allow us to use one of their boats.
 Titanic Love Shoot
 I love collaborating with suppliers I have never worked with before and worked with some some fantastic suppliers who were a pleasure to work with and full of ideas.   

Titanic Love Shoot

 Our groom’s suit was supplied by Hugh Harris, who are always a pleasure to work with and a must visit for any groom-to-be. 
 Titanic Love Shoot
Gwenda from The Vintage Floral Design Company designed a bouquet similar to the ones women would have had in the 1910s as well as a flower girl basket for her daughter who also modelled for us! 
Titanic Love ShootTitanic Love Shoot
The jewellery and hair pieces were supplied by Garden May and Connie an Dolly.  Our beautiful models were expertly transformed by the make up and hair skills of Carla Ramsey. 
Titanic Love Shoot
Titanic Love Shoot
Titanic Love Shoot
The cake was designed by Asma from the Sugared Saffron Cake Company.  It was simple in keeping with our theme but elaborately decorated with icing flowers. 
 Titanic Love Shoot
Alex from Postscript Events helped me with the planning and styling of the shoot and was instrumental in us photographing 3 dresses from Johanna Hehir’s new Autumn collection.
Titanic Love Shoot
Titanic Love Shoot
It was such an honour to work with her gorgeous dresses and hope I have done enough justice to them in the pictures.
Titanic Love Shoot
Thank you so so much Carla for sharing this lovely Titantic styled wedding shoot with WTW readers and well done to you and all the team.
Lots of Love
XxX Sonia
and remember… keep wanting!!
Make up and Hair:


  1. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m looking forward to your party! I had a similar experience with a shared birthday party with a friend!

    I think you should celebrate your successes and I know so many people would love to celebrate with you. xx

  2. Very cool! Will have to show my mum she loves Titanic! We debated getting married on a cruise ship, as we love cruising, but it would have ruled out too many people :(

    Definitely have a party, you have to celebrate your hard work! xx

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