Top tips for creating a super fun + creative wedding video

I don’t have many regrets when it comes to my big day… after all I married the man of my dreams and had the wedding of my dreams too.

When it came to wedding videography however, it’s something we chose to fore go {due to blowing the budget on everything else}. At the time it didn’t seem important. I mean who wants a cringe worthy or dated video of their wedding day?

It seems now though, brides and grooms are throwing the traditional video out the window and are choosing to create unique, creative and fun keepsakes of their special day. If I could impart any words of wisdom to you lovely brides-to-be, I would definitely say ‘hire yourself a creative and talented wedding videographer, and don’t let those precious memories fade’.

Tips for creating a unique wedding video

Let’s be honest – we’ve all been forced to sit through a mind-numbingly dull wedding video or two in our time. Whilst most couples go out of their way to hire someone they trust to make their video look polished and professional, many people don’t give as much thought to creating something truly original. That’s a shame, because your wedding video is a great opportunity to get creative, and produce something that really stands out. If you follow these tips, and spend some time hunting around for a bit more inspiration, you can avoid the usual cheesy clichés and inject some personality into your video.

Do the groundwork

It may sound obvious, but if you to get creative without compromising on professionalism, you need to be prepared. Make sure you find a reputable videographer with the right gear, including a remote microphone system, an audio mixer and a tripod to keep things steady. Spend some time with them before the day explaining what you want to achieve, and bounce some ideas around. Don’t forget the basics, though, like making sure they know who definitely needs to be in the video.  


Having your videographer attend your rehearsal gives everyone an important opportunity to pre-empt any problems with lighting, sound and perspective, as well as discussing exactly what you hope to get from your video

Research your options

Technology is always changing, and there are always new ways of doing old things. At the same time, though, sometimes going back to basics isn’t a bad idea. If you want a retro/vintage aesthetic, or if the wedding is themed, for example, consider using real film instead of digital.

Set the scene

Make sure your videographer takes what is known in professional circles as “B-roll” coverage – basic still shots of the building, flower arrangements and guests. If you also get them to begin filming around twenty minutes before the ceremony begins, they have a chance to capture some additional audio and ‘atmosphere’ shots.

Get up close and personal

Close-up shots will help convey the raw emotion of the occasion. Don’t stick rigidly to the bride and groom either; the reaction of relatives and friends are every bit as important when it comes to giving the video meaning.

Tell a story

Giving your video a narrative structure will really help to set it apart. Reminiscences and interviews with friends and family are one option, but that’s not exactly groundbreaking. Photos from your childhood, and the early stages of your relationship could be incorporated, but, again, you’re not going to blow people’s minds like that. Try to think outside of the box – is there a scene from a film you love that you could somehow parody? A music video you could pay tribute to? Be ambitious!


I would like to say a massive thanks to the guys at for sharing their top wedding video tips! Would you like some more inspiration? Check out some of their favourite creative wedding videos…


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So what do you think my loves, something you’re gonna do for your big day?

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