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Meringue Kisses: Move Over Macarons

Meringue girls

Move over macarons and cupcakes! There’s a new kid in town… Meringue Kisses!! These pretty little treats are what’s hot right now and I could see this trend superseding the humble cupcake and possibly even the macaron? Personally, I love macarons so I would be sad to see those go anywhere!

But if you are wanting to break out from the wedding norm, then Meringue Kisses could be for you. The Meringue Girls do a fabulous array of brightly striped coloured meringues in all the colours of the rainbow. These would make super pretty wedding favours or attractive additions to your dessert table.

Love the sweet and saucy little messages on these mini meringue kisses…

meringue kisses wedding favours

And these rainbow meringues are pretty and fun!

Meringue girls london

Or how about a pretty meringue kiss cake. Or edible glitter topped kisses?

Meringue Kisses: Move Over Macarons [And Cupcakes]
Meringue Kisses: Move Over Macarons [And Cupcakes]

I’m crushing all over these copper and rose gold lustre dust meringue kisses…

meringue kisses with luster dust

Rosewater meringue sandwiches look a.dorable on a bed or rose petals.

Meringue Kisses: Move Over Macarons [And Cupcakes]
Meringue Kisses: Move Over Macarons [And Cupcakes]

Instead of a macaron tower, you could have a meringue kisses tower?

meringue kiss cake

This gold dusted meringue tower is terribly chic and I adore the eye-popping red swirl meringue kisses.

ornate merigue tower
Meringue Kisses: Move Over Macarons [And Cupcakes]

Here we have a super pretty-on-the-eye rainbow meringue tower…

Meringue Kisses: Move Over Macarons [And Cupcakes] meringue kisses tower

And for those of you feeling brave, how about the following meringue kisses diy tutorial?

meringue kiss recipe
meringues kisses recipe

Another chance for you to swoon over the work of the Meringue Girls and their rainbow-hued delights!

rainbow meringue kisses

And last, but certainly not least. Feast your peepers on this extraordinary meringue kisses wedding cake. How amazing is this?

meringue wedding cake

Do let me know what your thoughts are on this pretty new wedding trend. Will you be using them as wedding favours or adding them to your dessert table? I would love to know.

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  1. gorgeous, so many great colours. We’re loving all the different examples you’ve shown!

  2. Very nice! This blog has a lovely, frothy, refreshingly cheerful feel to it. Beautiful puctures and credit given. Very uplifting.

  3. I’ve always loved meringue and these ideas are super adorable, My daughter must have been ahead of the curve sinc she made meringue kisses for her 2014 wedding. What creative ideas does everyone have for packaging these for pretty wedding favors?

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