5 Bridal Tips To Achieve A Bold Berrylicious Red Lip

5 Bridal Tips To Achieve A Bold Berrylicious Red Lip

5 Bridal Tips To Achieve A Bold Berrylicious Red Lip

Make-up tips provided by Tori Harris Make-up.

Red lips are on trend again for Autumn/Winter 2014/15 but translating this bold look from catwalk to bridal can be daunting. Make-up artist Tori Harris provides Want That Wedding readers with her top five tips on how to perfect your red lipstick look.

Find a red that suits you

One of the most difficult things when searching for the perfect red lipstick is to find the right shade for you. There is no right or wrong way on how to find the perfect colour as every shade looks different on different people. Not only is complexion a consideration but hair colour, the rest of your makeup and the natural colour of your lips.

There are so many variables that a red tone can look great one day and not quite right on another. A top tip when shopping for the perfect red lipstick is to try the lipstick on your lips not on the back of your hand as the colour can look completely different because of the natural colour of your lips. Don’t get too wrapped up with ‘I am fair so need a blue-red lipstick.’ I think most skin tones can pull off any colour. Whilst yes a plum red does look beautiful on darker skin an orange-red can too.

It’s more important to get the vibrancy of the colour right for you. Overpowering colours, colours that are too bright or too dark can look too much on pale skin or washed out colours can loose their effect on darker skin. Unfortunately there is no rule book when it comes to finding a perfect red – the key is trial and error!

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Glossy or Matte?

When you are considering red lipstick for your wedding day there are a number of things to consider than just the colour tone. What texture do you want? How are you going to stop it wearing off too quickly? Will you leave red lipstick on your new husband every time you kiss?

Matte lipsticks or stains can be a great alternative to glosses as they generally last slightly longer and don’t transfer as easily as glosses. This is ideal for the ceremony – leaving you worry free during the early parts of the day when most photographs will be taken.

MAC do a popular matte red shade – Ruby Woo or YSL have a great range of Glossy Stains Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres in a wide range of red shades which are perfect for a glossy look but leaving a stain underneath so you don’t have to worry as much about touching up.

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The Perfect Application

Perfect red lipstick starts with prepping the lips – in the run up to the big day use a lip scrub to remove any dead skin and an intensive moisturizing lip balm such as Elizabeth Arden 8hr Cream. On the day use a primer to prep the lips – this stops the lipstick from bleeding as well as creating a smooth base for the lipstick to sit on allowing for a more even finish.

I recommend applying a red lipstick with an angled brush so that you are able to create a much neater line. Use the angle of the brush to perfectly draw in the Cupid’s bow before slowly working outwards to the centre while subtly filling in with colour. Blot and re-apply the lipstick a couple of times for long-lasting application.

Red Berry Lip Tutorial - Bridal Style_0002

To Complete the look

You’ll often read that you can only focus on lips or eyes. Sometimes, however, a bold red lip can need a smoky eye to balance it out. A bright colour can look too much on its own but with plenty of mascara or some subtle false lashes and a little eyeliner suddenly the makeup works better as a complete look.

When going for a bold lipstick I tend to use less blusher and bronzer. Vintage styles feature a black flick and matte red lip or a more modern take is a soft brown smoky eye and glossy red. Strong, defined brows help to complete the look and balance the face.

Red Berry Lip Tutorial - Bridal Style_0004

Don’t forget

When wearing red lipstick on your wedding day don’t forget to touch it up. With some lipstick shades you can get away without touch frequent ups but red is more challenging. Make sure you have a bridesmaid with you at all times who has a lipstick handy.

Red lipstick can end up on your teeth – in private make an O shape with your lips and place your index finger on your tongue then close your lips around your finger and slowly slide out your finger this will remove any excess lipstick.

Red Berry Lip Tutorial - Bridal Style_0000

Finally wearing red lipstick requires confidence to truly rock it so don’t forget to smile.

If you would like to book a pre-wedding day make-up lesson with Tori Harris please visit her website for more information on her services and to view her bridal gallery for inspiration.

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  1. Wish I was brave enough to rock some red lips! These are great tips and gorgeous images as well!

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