The Perfect Suit For A Perfect Day: Win Your Grooms Suit!

The Perfect Suit For A Perfect Day: Win Your Grooms Suit!

Hey ladies, left up to their own devices I’m not sure all men would pick the perfect wedding suit. A bit harsh? Hmm maybe.

I’m not saying all men are completely hopeless at selecting clothes, but the chances of your groom choosing just the right suit to complement your wedding scheme and dress is somewhat unlikely…

With a little bit of guidance , you could help your gorgeous man pick the perfect suit! And whats-more, you could even WIN that suit too.


Keep reading lovelies…

The Perfect Suit For A Perfect Day

It’s probably one of the most important, memorable and special days of your life, it’s a day you will always remember and wish to look back on smile, and say to your partner our wedding day was perfect.

A wedding day is often a year in the planning and no area isn’t thought through and fully considered. The brides dress must be absolutely stunning in its style, fit and colour. The bridesmaids dresses must equally have stunning dresses that fit perfectly and are just the right complementing colour to the brides dress.

The flowers have to be the right style, colour and quality and in the perfect arrangement. The church should be picturesque and the post ceremony venue for funny speeches and mouth-watering food has to be selected with great care.

The Perfect Suit For A Perfect Day: Win Your Grooms Suit!

With all this planning and thought, just imagine as the bride you are walking up the aisle to the person you love to make that lifetime commitment, for him to be stood there in an unflattering well-worn wedding suit!!

The wedding suit is often the last thing on the list, of course the bride must and wants to feel so special on her wedding day, but we believe at Rupert the Tailor that the groom should feel great too.

A grooms suit of course like the wedding dress, is something that would probably only be worn once and unlike a wedding dress (that can be passed down through the generations), a grooms suit is probably unlikely to be used again, so most marrying couples will think, is that an expense we need?

Well, what if you could have your dream wedding suit completely FREE?

The Perfect Suit For A Perfect Day: Win Your Grooms Suit!

Well now you can, by entering the Rupert the Tailor win a wedding suit competition, you could win a stunning bespoke suit, that will be the perfect colour to compliment your dress and tailored made to fit your groom perfectly.

We believe the groom can and should feel as special as the bride on his wedding day, we want our all grooms to be stood beside their best man feeling and looking fantastic. All our wedding, formal and everyday suits, jackets and trousers are bespoke and tailored for the perfect fit, they are made from the very best materials, with a personalised finish that makes a Rupert The Tailor product truly bespoke to the wearer.

Our company philosophy at Rupert The Tailor is to provide our clients with quality clothing in almost any colour, any size and any material, we pride ourselves on delivering on this promise. A Rupert the Tailor bespoke garment is built to last, and having your suit, jacket or trousers made personally for you, ensures you get the right fit for your body frame and ensures the garment stays looking great for many years after your purchase.

Why not visit our website by clicking here to browse through an extensive collection of gentleman’s clothing, you will love.

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