Unique Wooden Watches by JORD


Unique Wooden Watches by JORD

This post is written by Mr WTW – Chris.

When it was first mentioned to me that I could buy a wooden watch, I didn’t believe it. But after checking out JORD watches, I found out it was true.

Now, they are not totally made from wood, but have wooden finishes and are stylish and unique… Perfect for say… a groomsman’s gift or even your best man on your big day? The top of the range ones don’t come cheap at $295 but there is a range which covers a more affordable option too, with male and female watches starting from $129.

Unique Wooden Watches by JORD

I thought these are pretty cool and placed my order online…

After a short two week wait, my watches arrived from St Louis, Missouri in a beautifully crafted wooden box, with my watch inside including spare accessories and further JORD information. It is when you actually get the watch in your hand you see the intricate work involved up close, and it doesn’t disappoint.

I chose two different style watches, the first being Black 746 Series – is stunning, with the mechanics of the automatic movement visible through the watch facia and the interlinking wooden segments of the chain enabling a comfortable fit on my wrist.

Interestingly, it is called the 746 because JORD are limiting production, so only 746 lucky people will be able to own one. So it’s not only unique but rare too!

Unique Wooden Watches by JORD

The second watch I chose was the Chocolate 94A Series – also a great looking watch, not as bulky as the 746 and has a more masculine feel about it. Combining metal and wood together to create a fantastic looking, sleek, modern watch.

It works really nicely with my suit too and doesn’t get caught on my cuffs either. I found wearing it didn’t make me feel ‘over the top’. Understated class if you want.

As you would imagine with wooden watches, they aren’t water-proof… They are splash-proof though, so don’t go diving with it!

Unique Wooden Watches by JORD

From my point of view, these watches are a unique gift and one that I love to either give or receive. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed!

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