How to Style Your Wedding Like a Pro!

how to style your wedding like a pro

We all want the perfect wedding don’t we? Sometimes though looking at all the beautiful wedding blogs and all those to-die-for pinterest images can be a tad overwhelming.

So what do you do if you want to style your wedding like a pro – but you just don’t have a clue? You follow the advice of a talented wedding stylist of course :))

Luckily WTW has a truly talented professional stylist on hand to help guide you in creating your perfectly styled day. Yay!

Thanks to Kate Cullen for this great post…

How to Style Your Wedding Like a Pro!

How to style your wedding like a pro

So you’ve decided to style your own wedding, but where do you start?!

It feels a bit like buying a new house and having no idea where to start decorating – endless questions emerge – where should I spend my budget, will the colours I like work, when should I get a professional in, or can I DIY the lot?

Fear not, I have some handy hints to get you started and cut down on the stress.

How to Style Your Wedding Like a Pro!

Work with your venue!

1. Firstly, choose a venue you fall in love with and build everything from there – whatever your style and budget.

Trying to force an established theme or colour scheme onto a venue can be difficult – always work with what you have not against it – it will cost you less and look better too.

vaHow to Style Your Wedding Like a Pro!

Pin down your style

2. Think about your style – we all see endless pictures of pretty amazing weddings, but rather than trying to emulate someone else’s really try and nail down your own look – a bit of Pinterest and magazine cuttings can go a long way at this stage – after a while your Pin board or moodboard will start to trend towards particular looks and colours.

Now, leave it for a week or two. When you return to it delete all the images that don’t seem to ‘fit’ with your ideal – this will help you focus on what’s important to you style and décor-wise.

How to Style Your Wedding Like a Pro!

To DIY or not?

3. Whatever budget you’ve assigned to your wedding décor you can make it look beautiful. But be careful with DIY projects and really cost them out before starting – it’s often less expensive to buy in the items you want – and many suppliers can personalise things for you at little or no extra cost – remember they have access to wholesale prices and specialised equipment that you won’t, and don’t underestimate how long it takes to handcraft 150 of anything!

That said the most memorable weddings are those where the couple (or their friends and family) have taken time to create something completely unique – just pick something that’s a reflection of you, that you’re good at, and more importantly enjoy doing.

How to Style Your Wedding Like a Pro!

Make a statement!

4. Statement props are a fantastic way of injecting personality and eye-catching details – from furniture to backdrops, photobooths, and floral displays.

One or two well-chosen items can really lift the day – again pick items that reflect your style – be it modern, classic, vintage, boho or something completely different – there are so many amazing prop hire companies in the UK now – truly something for everyone.

Just be sure to get in touch with companies as soon as you can – popular dates get booked up very quickly and it pays to be organised and ahead of schedule on any out of the ordinary items.

How to Style Your Wedding Like a Pro!

All in the detail

5. Details! For me a wedding is all in the detail – if your budget won’t stretch to bold backdrops or vintage furniture look at more affordable options for a splash of your chosen colours – coloured glassware, pretty linens, chargers or cutlery can give your tablescapes a subtle lift without breaking the bank.

How to Style Your Wedding Like a Pro!How to Style Your Wedding Like a Pro!

Into the zone

6. Spaces – to style any wedding effectively you need to zone your spaces and think about what will be needed at each point in the day – from the ceremony, reception and through into the evening.

Think imaginatively about what can be reused from one part to the next, and about what your guests will likely be doing at each stage.

How to Style Your Wedding Like a Pro!

Have fun!

7. And lastly – have fun with it! Don’t listen endlessly to everyone else’s opinions about what your wedding should look like – it’s your day, and if you’d rather spend your money on a hundred giant balloons for the outdoor ceremony than on traditional floral arrangements inside, then do it – you’ll never regret making your wedding all about you!

How to Style Your Wedding Like a Pro!How to Style Your Wedding Like a Pro!

Kate x

Kate of Kate Cullen creative styling & design works with you personally on your wedding or event to develop a high quality, visually stunning and unique design.

With an array of luxury hand painted silk linens available to hire, Kate will enhance your vision to create a beautiful and memorable occasion.

Kate can also source, or design and make, any other elements of your day requiring that personal touch.

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