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How do you pick the RIGHT wedding photographer?

Having photographed some of the leading talent in the world, from the likes of Lady Gaga to The Wanted, Rockerharley takes an image and turns it into a memory. At the bottom of this article is a little competition for you to enter, courtesy of

He often gets asked what makes a good wedding photographer… this is a question that is very hard to answer. It’s like how long is a piece of string.

Photography is very much subjective. If you like something, it doesn’t mean your partner will. It is all in the eye and each and every person we encounter have different requirements to meet. That is the first step to making a good photographer. Accommodating your clients needs.

You will also find a photographer ‘good’ because of their style. Every photographer uses their artistic license to create images that resonate with themselves and then the client. If a photographer isn’t happy with their own work, what chance does the client have? At the end of the day, it is art. They are capturing a moment in time that only happens once on your wedding day and it has to be captured perfectly for it to work.

What you also should consider is the art direction a photographer uses. Being a photographer is seeing the moments before they happen, capturing them beautifully and at the same time frame and direct the image to be the best.

What usually isn’t considered when picking a photographer is their framing. Ignore the smiles, dresses, laughs and giggles you see on the guests faces, look at how the images are framed.

Hopefully this will be done in camera but can be manipulated in post. Photographers works in thirds. If you place your subject left or right to centre it makes the picture much more pleasing. Look at the backgrounds in the images, incidental props may not be so incidental.

You also need to consider costing. The hope is to spend 10% of your over all budget on a wedding photographer backdrops. This is quite key. Rockerharley will see daily adverts ‘Will shoot your wedding for free’ with a hope to building portfolios.

To become a wedding photographer you have need to shoot weddings but how on earth do you shoot weddings without having shot any weddings? Offer for free? This is an option if your budget is very small and always acceptable but please consider your expectations for the final photographs.

These pictures will sit with you for the rest of your life, then be passed onto your children, their children and so on. You have to be completely happy with the images.

Just think… other than your partner you are marrying, these photographs are the only material thing you will have to remind you of your wonderful day.

Rockerharley get requests to heavily reduce his fees to accommodate budgets. Of course he will oblige if he can but consider why you should pay £1500+ for a photographer. In total Rockerharley will work 7 days on a single wedding. From pre meetings, discussions, pre shoots, actual wedding day and then 3 or 4 days in post production. A wedding photographer should be very personal to you.

Don’t pick one to please your parents, or your guests. This is something you have worked very hard to save for and in turn deserve to be 110% happy with your choice.

Rockerharley always make a point of getting to know his bride and groom before the wedding so he can confidently rock up to their big day and control the images without anyone even knowing he is there.

Another consideration is… what type of wedding photographer do you want? Rockerharley is a portrait and reportage artist. He captures images with ease, in a lot of cases without the subject knowing and with iconic framing and colour. If you want a more traditional wedding photographer, look at more of a controlled photographer that works to specific lists and orders to create a rigid set of pictures that are stunning and beautiful but control a more structured and posed persona.

You also have fine art photographers that work very closely with the bride and groom to create fine art pieces. These make awkward posing an art form and work with light and design to create striking images. Unless you are a runway model, or graced the pages of Vogue, most brides and grooms are uncomfortable having their picture taken. Why would you be comfortable? Thrusting a camera upon you is always going to end up in a forced smile, uncomfortable pose or a cheesy heart moment. How you communicate with your photographer is key. Especially if you aren’t comfortable in front of the lens.

Having a photographer at your wedding shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable. This is your big day, you have saved up, worked exceptionally hard for and will only do once. This day belongs to you and your groom, then you invite your friends and family to share the love. Being uncomfortable isn’t part of the plan.

So… after telling you what can make a good photographer… you now need to look for a ‘GREAT’ photographer. A photographer can teach anyone how to be a ‘good’ photographer, but to be ‘Great’ is something they are born with. There are many factors to consider and only you know what photographer is right for you. Take your time to consider many options. Speak to each photographer that whets your whistle and see which one clicks with you.

Don’t bend on your photographer backdrops, go with the one that WORKS FOR YOU. Regardless of cost, be brave and spend. Never go for free photographers (there is a reason they are free or cheap), save money elsewhere and splash out on the photography.

You will be looking at these memories for decades. are offering you the chance to win an exclusive wedding package worth £1600. We are very lucky to offer this and would love for one of our readers to win.

Chris; who is the celebrity photographer behind Rockerharley will attend your wedding for the entire day, capture and create beautiful iconic images and gift you them on a usb drive.

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That’s it.

Closing date is 29th April 2016… but only enter if you like Rockerharleys work. Never bend on your photographer choice. Good luck.

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