3 Reasons you need a Silent Disco at your Wedding!

When it comes to choosing  your wedding music it’s easy isn’t it? You just hire a DJ, give them your impeccably curated play list and then you’re good to party… Of course, YOU will have absolutely the best time dancing along to all your favourite tunes. But what about your guests? Perhaps they’re not quite as fond of hardcore house as you are. Maybe they love 80s cheese, 70s disco or 90s garage!

So what should you do? Organise a SILENT DISCO that’s what! Very popular at festivals and now becoming a popular option for weddings, the silent disco could be the answer to your wedding disco prayers…

Here are 3 reasons you need a silent disco at your wedding.

Reason 1 – Play Multiple Playlists

This is one of the biggest reasons to hire a silent disco. You can set up multiple playlists to please all of your guests. How cool is that?! Whilst nan is bopping away to disco classics you can be enjoying your festival faves and if you’re anything like me with eclectic music tastes you will be channel surfing all night.

Reason 2 – Party Late Into The Night

Often venues have restrictions on how late your wedding music can be played, with the general cut off time being 12am (boo). With absolutely no noise pollution, you eliminate the need to stop the party. So you and your party hard wedding guests can just keep going and going. Whoop whoop.

Reason 3 – Offer Your Guests A Fun & Unique Way To Party

I can’t think of a more unique and fun way to entertain your guests than a silent disco. I’ve been to a silent disco at a festival and it was SO MUCH FUN. Yes, perhaps a little awkward at first, but I promise, you totally get into the swing of things and will not want the party to stop.

Silent disco is available from these suppliers… and

Are you planning to organise a silent disco for your wedding entertainment? I promise you, it is so much fun, your guests will be partying all night!

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