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Beautiful Bohemian Yorkshire Moors Love Shoot at Golden Hour! Hannah & Dave

What happens when you are left a little disappointed with your actual wedding photos? Answer. You hire another wedding photographer and create these stunning golden hour shots on the Yorkshire Moors.

And woah am I loving the beautiful bohemian vibe of this sweet and loved up couple. Read on for their unique love story…

Words by Hannah. Images by Anna Beth Photography.

How we met

Dave and I grew up together, at 10 years old his family moved about 5 hours away so we didn’t speak for 7 years. When we were 17, we got back in contact through some mutual friends and went on a double date in London and hit it off straight away. We then began a long distance relationship while we finished college and then after about 2 years I moved to Sheffield to be closer to him.

The proposal

Two of my good friends turned up at my flat in Sheffield in the early hours of the morning with a note from Dave saying ‘Whatever happens today, just go with it’. I was then sent on a treasure hunt across the country collecting these notes from various friends along the way until I ended up in the North of Scotland where another friend met me and took me through a forest and lead me to a Scottish loch where a boat was waiting to take me across the loch to where Dave was standing surrounded by candles…

We married on the 5th September in Surrey – and had a Church and barn wedding.

Love quotes

I knew it was love when…


I found someone who loved me for who I was and didn’t want me to change me.


When he walked into the room after 7 years of not seeing each other, my heart pounded so, so hard.

shoot credits / photographer: anna beth photography / hair and make up: jen eachus / flowers: alison from ‘flowers from the garden

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