Top 5 Wedding Ceremony Musicians You’re Loving Right Now!

There’s nothing like amazing music to make your walk down the aisle the goosebump moment you’ve always dreamed of.

Whether it’s the song you both fell in love to, your first gig together, or that romantic sunset moment at your favourite festival, the right wedding entertainment at your ceremony can make the biggest moment of your life something incredible.

To help spark your imagination, we checked in with the brides and grooms of Alive Network, the UK’s biggest and best-loved source of wedding entertainment ideas, to find the top wedding ceremony musicians you’re loving right now.

Tissues and waterproof mascara at the ready? Here are the results.

Top 5 Wedding Ceremony Musicians You’re Loving Right Now!

In joint fifth place are pianists and guitarists – so hard to choose between them! Here’s why…

5. Guitarists

Why You ♥ Them

 You want to be moved – that acoustic sound does something to your soul!
 You want to reflect your laid-back love
 You want that warm, heartfelt sound
 You want something personal and intimate
 You want a sound that mirrors your musical preference

You just love the warm, romantic and intimate sound of a classical or acoustic guitar, and you want that gorgeously relaxed vibe at your ceremony too – great for you chilled, romantic couples.

Unplugged or fully amped, a wedding guitarist can perform your favourite love songs and even offer arrangements of classical music for a soft, unobtrusive feel. From modern hits to classical music, film themes, jazz and soul – and everything in-between – they’re mega-versatile and portable too. Many can provide their own vocals, or perform alongside a vocalist, to give your ceremony that extra wow

What You Say:

“The song choices were lovely – we had a beautiful rendition of Here Comes the Sun. The whole appearance, voice and vibe were just what we wanted for our ceremony and everything was perfect! Plus it was something all our guests commented on – how lovely the singing and playing were. “

Shane, Alive client review

Elliot Smith – Staffordshire based wedding guitarist
Performing A Thousand Years

5. Pianists

Why You ♥ Them

 You want to be uplifted
 You want a truly grand accompaniment
 You want something timeless and uber-romantic
 You want an upbeat, cool and classy sound
 You want flexibility

This is another music option that offers maximum flexibility in style. The voice of a piano can give you a large, spectacular entrance, or one that’s tranquil and chilled, depending on your personal ceremony style. Romantic jazz (fancy a bit of Nina Simone’s My Baby Just Cares For Me?), fun swing, your fave film themes, classical pieces, or how about a contemporary piano version of Bruno Mars’ fitting Marry You?

Many wedding pianists can provide their own vocals or perform alongside a singer for an extra dimension to your ideal ‘I dos’. Most can also learn a special song that’s unique to you and your partner, heightening the emotion of your biggest moments.

What You Say:

“We asked our pianist to learn and perform a specific song for our ceremony… his rendition of that song had us both in tears (both during his rehearsal and the ceremony itself). We are so grateful that he took the time and effort to learn a new track for us… it exceeded our best expectations and absolutely made our day.”

Charlie, Alive client review

Jon Andrews – London based wedding pianist
Performing Thinking Out Loud

4. Classical and Opera Singers

Why You ♥ Them

 You want to be roused by their amazing vocals
 You want vocals to reflect your love and your musical preference
 You want sophistication and jubilance
 You want your guests to experience a truly special ceremony and remember it forever (and you will too!)
 You want the purity of the human voice

You can actually feel your classical and opera singer’s music as they serenade, and you’ll be surprised how they can move you. Many provide traditional classical arias to highlight your magical ceremony, as well as turning their vocal chords more contemporary music – from Ave Maria to Adele!

Depending on the sound you’d like to create, a solo singer can accompany your walk down the aisle, or you could choose a duet, trio or quartet for a more rounded sound. Many will also perform alongside musicians, too, so you can tailor their performance to the ambience you’d like to create.

They’re flexible too and can adapt their talent to your unique wedding venue – whether their stunning tones are reverberating around a cathedral, or in a more intimate location.

What Our Couples Told Us:

“We were delighted with our singer’s magnificent performance; when she hit the high notes we were all left with our mouths open – she was absolutely amazing. She rated in our book as the third most important person at our ceremony! It gave our day a tasteful, classical touch.”

Pamela & Simon, Alive client review

Cantanti – Cheshire based classical singers
Performing the Flower Duet from Lakme

3. Gospel Choirs

Why You ♥ Them

 You want to be moved to your core
 You want something spiritual and soulful to reflect your love
 You want your guests to experience a truly special ceremony and remember it forever (and you will too!)
 There’s nothing sweeter than the human voice, and a choir multiplies this 100-fold!

Passionately spiritual, impressively harmonious, and deeply moving, gospel choirs are a popular choice for a beautifully expressive ceremony filled with soul and eternal love. You heart their magical mix of traditional hymns, soul and Motown, and contemporary vocals, all delivered a cappella and from the heart.

Slow and loving, then strong and jubilant, their harmonies will match the mood you’d love to create at each special ceremony moment. They can perform with musical instruments too, for a fuller sound. Indoors, outdoors, church or civil ceremony, their music will blow you away and give you big time goosebumps!

What You Said:

“The choir brought something so amazingly unique to our wedding day, and set the mood just wonderfully; everyone was breaking down with tears of joy, yet at the same time they lightened the mood and made the ceremony more fun. The response from our guests was nothing short of awe. Our vicar was also very moved, which says a lot considering how many wedding ceremonies he has seen!”

Hannah & Sam, Alive client review

UK Gospel Choir – London based gospel choir
Performing All You Need is Love

2. String quartets and Trios

Why You ♥ Them

 You want sophistication
 You want an elegant ensemble
 You want a gorgeously rounded sound
 You want traditional classical music and modern arrangements of your fave chart tracks
 You want music that helps you make an entrance
 You want your ceremony music that reflects your personality and love

String quartets and trios are number two on our top five, and rightly so. They can create a sophisticated atmosphere, whether they’re playing a breathtaking Bach symphony or turning an Adele love song into something sublime on strings.

There’s something about the sound that can reflect your love and happiness in an epic way that’s equally personal to you both. Just make sure you’ve got your tissues at the ready – there won’t be a dry eye in the house when they strike up your processional!

What You Said:

“I wasn’t feeling too emotional until I walked down the staircase and I could hear the quartet echoing through the corridors….and I stopped and saw my grandad with a tear in his eye. As we were standing at the door to the ceremony room, I could hear the strings strike up with Bitter Sweet Symphony. I broke – I couldn’t stop crying.”

Verity, Alive client review

Garden String Trio – London based string trio
Performing Pachelbel’s Cannon

1. Harpists

Why You ♥ Them

 That sound, that look, that feel!
 You want that timeless, ethereal quality
 You want music that reflects your dreamy feelings
 You want a beautifully impressive instrument

Harpists are our happy couples’ top pick for ceremony music. And what’s not to love? They look amazing and they sound divine. Want that feeling of walking on air as you’re walking down the aisle? Harpists will wow your ceremony, with their romantic, dream-like quality, performing music that’s subtle and beautiful. Ceremony harpists have wide repertoires, from classical or medieval music to jazz, pop and even film and TV themes – Game of Thrones on harp anyone?

Many will perform alongside vocalists and can learn a new piece just for you too, so your ceremony is completely personal to you both. They can play at church and civil ceremonies, at small or large venues, and are particularly perfect for garden style ceremonies.

What You Say:

“A harpist just seemed a light and beautiful choice – and a good fit for our unfussy wedding.

It was. The tears flowed when my future wife walked down the aisle, the music sounded as beautiful as she looked.”

Joshua, Alive client review

The London Harpist – London based Harpist
Performing A Thousand Years

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