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By Chance! A Beautiful, Barcelona Bridal Editorial

Sam and Claudia met in Barcelona, on one of those days that seemed to be incomplete…

She was waiting for the Metro, tired after a hard day at work. He was on the metro before she got on, and destiny wanted her seated next to him. He couldn’t avoid her blue eyes, or her beautiful smile.

Claudia became nervous so looked for her mobile phone and in that moment, the mobile phone shot off and landed at Sam’s feet. Without even thinking, he took it, and it was the perfect excuse to touch her hand.

She could have just said “thank you”, but after an exchange of smiles, they were  hoping and looking forward to meeting each other again.

Claudia never took the metro, she prefered the bus. However, the next day she took it just to run into Sam again. And so it went, they happened to meet at the same time, at the same place as the previous day. Sam felt that he couldn’t let her get away this time without having at least a phone number.

So they started to talk, and it was the most beautiful coincidence they had ever had, and since that day, their lives began together.

It is said that coincidence doesn’t exist and yet just some months after the first time they met, they became engaged.

Sam and Claudia chose Can Ribas, as the ceremony and reception place – they felt it was the perfect place because of its history. The location was built in the eighteenth century and still, today has a magic, classic and traditional touch that you can feel walking around its beautiful rooms and gardens.

Claudia wore a José María Peiró wedding dress which she complemented with an Alial headdress and Suárez jewellery. For the make up she trusted in Oui Novias.

Sam wore a suit from Mirto. Their wedding should be as special as their story and that’s why they chose RITA Experience for the flowers and Options for the furniture.

credits: photography: natalia ibarra / coordination and stylish: rodolfo mcartney from noquiero / location: can ribas / dress: josé maría peiró / headdress: alial / jewellery: suárez / suit and groom’s accessories: mirto / flowers: rita experience / furniture and cutlery: options /  assistant: cenas adivina / making off: loren photography / models: claudia and sam agencia francina / muah: francis molina for oui novias

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