Fun Ideas to Transform your Wedding Reception Into a Festive Event

Fun Ideas to Transform your Wedding Reception Into a Festive Event

When two people come together and vow to spend the rest of their lives together, the union starts when they stand in front of friends and family to make the solemn promise. The gathering can take the form of either a religious or non-religious ceremony. Once that part is done, a reception follows to conclude the day.

Wedding receptions are shrouded in tradition, much like the ceremony itself. Various cultures approach it differently. You can borrow the old and fuse it with the new to come up with an impressive post-wedding party.

Before checking out age-old and modern party-planning ideas, how about looking at some of the wedding reception venues near you? Here are a few ideas to inspire your big day.

The origins

By default, wedding receptions are held after the vows ceremony, and they are all about celebrating. It symbolizes the very first time that a newlywed couple receives guests, hence the title “reception.”

Centuries ago, weddings weren’t as extravagant, and it wasn’t until post-World War II that they took shape and transformed into what they are today. Finances dictated the type of celebration a family had, and thinking about it, things haven’t changed much in that regard.

Wealthier families went all out and hosted fancy balls, while the middle-class would settle for an afternoon tea or luncheon.

The ’50s saw dance halls rise in popularity, and guest lists also expanded. The newlyweds weren’t limited by the number of people they could fit in their home, and instead, they could host as many people as they pleased at dance halls.

Regardless of the venue, guests were treated to a receiving line graced by the couple of the hour. The newlyweds, alongside their parents, would greet every person who turned up for the function.

Modern wedding receptions

Wedding receptions haven’t changed much, except for the added pomp. Banquet halls, community halls, hotel ballrooms, and other wedding venues are commonly chosen to host these functions.

The receiving line is one of the older traditions that has faded in popularity because it isn’t practical for a wedding with hundreds of guests. Instead, the couple of the hour are ushered into the reception venue with a grand introduction made by the DJ or band.

Modern receptions typically also include the following traditions.


Before the food is served, several key people offer their toasts. Parental figures, the maid of honour, and the best man are usually the people tasked with giving speeches at the event. A modern addition includes playing a slideshow featuring photos of video footage that captures different stages of the newlyweds’ lives.


Let’s face it; folks look forward to chowing down on the delectable food served at a wedding reception. Usually, it’s a three-course meal, but buffets are also quite popular.

The event is usually crowned by the cutting of the wedding cake. These baked treats take the most elaborate forms these days, with multi-tiered cakes being the standard choice.

Music and dancing

Receptions are also all about putting your best foot forward, and the floor is open once the newlyweds perform their ceremonial first dance. Some choose to skip the tradition altogether and open up the floor to anyone who wants to show off their best moves.

Fun and engaging activities for wedding receptions

Beyond the usual music and dancing you expect to see at a wedding reception, couples have taken things a notch higher by thinking outside the box. It’s all about fusing the old and new in the following ways.

Pre-wedding activities

Have the guests flex their drawing abilities by coming up with a picture of the newlyweds. They can make the drawing on the back of the RSVP cards, and, in turn, you can display them at the reception venue.

Make it competitive and award the guest who comes up with the best drawing. You can also include a reception raffle. Have the invitation cards double as raffle tickets. The winner of the draw walks away with a worthwhile gift.

Interactive food service

Borrowing a leaf from the bottle service you’ll get at most entertainment establishments, why not offer your guests the same experience? If you are serving champagne or wine, use the opportunity to make it more entertaining.

Have a tea bar decked out with candy, baked treats, ice cream, s’mores, and flavoured tea bags. It gives your guests something to sip on as the day winds down.

Personalised party favours

A great option for party favour is to include photo booths around the venue allowing your guests to document the day with themed snaps. Have fun backgrounds and a selection of props in the designated photo area.

Make it a grand production

Transform your wedding reception into a grand production with a little glitz and glam. For starters hiring a wedding singer is increasingly popular to add atmosphere and entertain guests during the day, choose a live band for hire in Cheshire for example, instead of going for a DJ for the evening entertainment. You could even hire a Wedding Caricaturist.

Go big with a Vegas-inspired showcase complete with singers, acrobats, dancers, and contortionists. Other ideas include:● A ballet performance● Aerialist● Mariachi band● Cultural dance

Set up different stations for different activities

Two families come together alongside a long list of workmates, friends, and acquaintances who might have never met before. Instead of having them just sit around and listen to the music, keep them engaged with these options.

An artsy couple will enjoy setting up stations for painters, caricaturists, and poetry writers. Simplicity works like a charm, and the interactive stations will keep your guests engaged.

Have a chillout spot for those who just want to sit back and enjoy the live band performance.

Provide board games at each table so that your guests can play at their leisure.

A kids’ station helps to keep the tots busy throughout the event. Include a pinata, hopscotch setup, and classic hula hoops to win them over.

The exit

The couple’s exit once the reception concludes should be equally memorable. A fireworks display has the mesmerizing ability to create a magical atmosphere that’s perfect to send off the newlyweds as they venture into their new life.

Plan the best wedding reception yet: final thoughts

Your wedding reception can play out in any way you please, as long as you allow your imagination to run wild. It’s also crucial to settle for the right wedding reception venue that allows you to bring your ideas to life. Remember to fuse the new and old if you are going for a uniquely fun event.


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