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Fairytale Wedding Ideas: Disney Maleficent

Fairytale Wedding Ideas: Disney Maleficent

Fairytale Wedding Ideas

2021 was a storm-like year for the wedding industry. We talked to some wedding planners and were told that fairy tale weddings are requested if not every week, then every month. Floral arch, candles everywhere, colourful pastel, ball gown….etc. What should have been the most special event of a couple’s life has now become almost a template given the options A, B & C. From here on, how can we make fairytale wedding ideas a truly personalized experience again? 

First of foremost, if you dreamed about a fairy tale wedding, you should know what fantasizes you the most. Growing up we have read and heard of countless fairy tales. So was it Snow White’s striking diamond ring that was carved with incredible floral details? Was it that romantic first dance between Prince Philip and Aurora from Sleeping Beauty? Or could it be just the idea of being part of a romantic tale, to be so special in someone’s eyes and to live happily ever after? For our bride model Juliet, it was to be a forest fairy. In this Disney Maleficent inspired photoshoot, we, therefore, made her several floral wearables to go with her beautiful outfits and jewelled tiara.

Fairytale Wedding Ideas: Disney Maleficent

Floral Headpiece + Wand

A floral headpiece made out of dried and repurposed florals (eco-friendly!), and believe-it-or-not, plant too! Along with this matching one-of-a-kind floral wand, delicate florals that look like they are growing out of the magical wand, breath-taking, isn’t it? “mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

Fairytale Wedding Ideas: Disney Maleficent

Floral Shoulder Piece

From inspiration to reality, the extraordinary shoulder piece has made the day! Also made with dried and repurposed florals, this shoulder piece is finished with silk fabric and padding for comfort too. Incorporating florals into your attire is such a subtle way to create a wow factor. We have seen floral bow ties, necklaces, and now this floral shoulder piece, what’s next?

Bridal Bouquets

Whether it is dried or fresh florals, proportion is everything that makes good aesthetics. While we understand bridal bouquets are what brides care about the most in wedding florals and oftentimes, they wish to make it a statement piece. However, making a statement does not necessarily mean overpowering. This is why letting your florist know your body size is so crucial because we are all here for YOU! Experienced florists will not be afraid to ask about your sizes, wedding dress and all necessary information to assist their design process, but if for whatever reason, your florist is too shy to ask, do offer to send them your photo and sizes, preferably with your wedding dress too!

Trends means nothing if they don’t represent you. Everyone will feel lost at one point in their wedding planning, just remember to always make this about you and your partner – to show off your quirks and flair. Getting married to the right person might already be a dream come true for most, but it doesn’t have to be the only, grab this opportunity to fulfil a childhood fantasy, too. Just be creative and authentic, the key is to communicate with your wedding vendors!


Concept & Florals: Zoeyleungkk Designs / Photography: Renee Brock Photography / Make-Up Artist: Justine Rimbert / Model: Juliet Sora / White Wedding Gown: LoversLand / Black Dress: Ilminur lmin / Jewelled Accessories: The Loved One 


@zoeyleungkk @renee_brock_photography @frenchiemakeup @Juliet.sora @loversland @ilminur.imin @theloved_one

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