5 Perfect Destinations for Honeymoons in Greece

5 Perfect Destinations for Honeymoons in Greece

Greece is a popular destination for a honeymoon that gets plenty of hype, yet it manages to live up to every bit of it. If you and your spouse love stunning blue waters and idyllic beaches alongside culture, history, and food, then yes, Greece is worth visiting for your honeymoon. It’s home to 6,000 islands, each having its own distinct identity. Therefore, island hopping in Greece is never redundant. Rather, it offers multiple experiences, making your honeymoon a truly unforgettable one. But how do you choose where to go? Below, check out the five perfect destinations for honeymoons in Greece.

1. Crete

Crete is a perfect honeymoon destination for couples who want to experience a little bit of everything. It’s divided into four regions, each offering unique experiences. The soft sandy beaches are some of the island’s biggest draws, not to mention the weather that’s almost perfect all year round. Add in the incredible spas, chic resorts, and delicious Cretan cuisines, and you’ve got everything you need for an unforgettable honeymoon.

Crete’s northern coast is home to many luxury resorts and historic towns like Rethymno and Chania. Famous for its many historic sites and museums, Heraklion is another charming town in the north that serves as Crete’s capital. You’ll find that the island’s southern coast is rugged and less developed. Yet, it has serene beaches, secluded coves, stunning gorges, and truly breathtaking landscape scenery.

You will not run out of things to do for your honeymoon in Crete. For couples who love to explore the great outdoors, you can go hiking at Samaria Gorge or explore the island’s finest beaches. If you’re into culture and history, discover historic sites and museums, such as the Archaeological Museum in Heraklion, The Palace of Knossos, and the Venetian Fortezza in Rethymno. While most couples would stay at luxury resorts, staying at a Crete villa by the beach will make your honeymoon in Crete even more romantic.

2. Mykonos

Mykonos may be famous for its wild parties, but there’s more to this island than meets the eye. Compared to the more popular island of Santorini, Mykonos is a more unusual honeymoon choice but actually has more beautiful white-sand beaches that are also geographically larger, giving you plenty of space to frolic in the sand.

For a more romantic way to spend your honeymoon in Mykonos, consider going on a boat tour. Many of these tours will take you to the island’s best beaches, where you can indulge in a bit of snorkelling. After a day of beach hopping, make your way towards Little Venice where you can marvel at the island’s most romantic sunset. Then walk hand in hand through its maze of charming streets and choose from one of the fantastic bars and restaurants.

When deciding where to stay in Mykonos, most couples would prefer to stay at a hotel by the beach. But do not overlook the centre of Mykonos Town or the romantic Little Venice. Some hotels also come with in-house spas where you can treat yourselves to the most relaxing massage treatments.

3. Paros

Paros is part of The Cyclades, famous for its beautiful beaches and quaint villages. While it’s a great destination for all kinds of travellers, honeymooners will find Paros a joy to explore, especially in its main port of Parikia. Despite being a busy town, Paroikia has managed to maintain its laid back, Cycladic charm.

Paros is blessed with idyllic beaches that are not as crowded as the more popular Greek Islands. Kolimbithres Beach, a small pocket of golden sands, is a great spot for snorkelling and swimming. It has shallow water, so if your little ones are tagging along on your honeymoon, this is the perfect beach for you. Monastiri Beach is another popular beach in Paros famous for its stunning views. Framed by rocky hills, this turquoise bay is lined with sunbeds and umbrellas where you can relax and enjoy the breathtaking views around you.

While you might be tempted to spend most of your time at the beach, take time to explore the island. Stroll through its whitewash villages, past churches and shops selling all sorts of souvenirs. Marvel at the remains of a Venetian castle and admire the magnificent Byzantine Church of Ekatondapiliani.

4. Ios

Ios may not be the first place you think of when going to Greece for a honeymoon, but this Cycladic Island has elegant restaurants, cool bars, and boutique hotels. Add in the gorgeous beaches, charming old town, and glorious sunsets, and you’ll have the honeymoon destination of your dreams.

The best way to explore Ios and its many beautiful beaches is to go on a boat trip. You’ll explore secluded coves and hidden beaches where you can go snorkelling and cave swimming. If you’re lucky, you could even spot some turtles and dolphins!

Take time to explore the Old Town, which sits on a hill and is home to beautiful, whitewashed houses with blue doors and windows. Wander through its maze of alleys and you’ll come across cute cafes, boutiques, and bars.

5. Santorini

When it comes to a honeymoon in Greece, everyone will immediately think of Santorini, and there are many good reasons why. This picturesque volcanic island exudes romance, home to charming villages perched on cliff-sides overlooking the Aegean Sea. It also has world-class restaurants and bars, as well as luxury hotels that cater to honeymooners. And being a very welcoming island, Santorini is a perfect destination for a gay honeymoon in the Greek isles.

One of the best things to do on your honeymoon in Santorini is to explore the beautiful villages of Fira and Oia. Fira is home to fascinating museums and rooftop restaurants, while Oia has a more authentic feel with a tiny fishing village that’s a joy to explore.

As a volcanic island, Santorini’s beaches have distinct black sands, different from the other beaches in Greece. On the east coast, you’ll find Kamari, the most popular and often crowded with tourists and locals. Meanwhile, Baxedes is a small but lovely beach close to the village of Oia.

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