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DIY wedding: fabric strips | wedding ideas

OK as it’s Sunday I thought I’d share a little creative wedding inspiration with you and I think this DIY trend’s gonna go stellar this summer. For the bride who’s on a budget or quite frankly ‘not very crafty’ {don’t worry lovelies, tis not a crime!!} you really couldn’t get any easier than these wonderful DIY wedding fabric strips. For a start, the possibilities are endless!! You can use any material, any colour or any pattern you like. And there are a multitude of options for you to explore in the decorating of your big day.

{Image credits: Pinterest}

DIY wedding: fabric strips | wedding ideas

For a start you don’t even need a tutorial for this right?! Simply rip or cut strips of material you have laying around the house or purchased {from charity shops / online or on the high street material shops etc} and loop around the required object {tree, rope, string, chair, key, etc} finishing with a knot to secure. The length and breadth of each strip are dependant upon your use of the strips… One super cute idea is to have these strips as a backdrop to your photography / cake station / head table.

DIYwedding  fabric strips ~ backdrop1

Another incredibly effective idea is to decorate your chairs, you can see how simple it is to literally loop them onto the chair and tie in a very basic knot. In some of the images the material has also been braided and then draped from the back of chairs. So pretty!!

DIY wedding fabric strips ~ chairs

You could make pretty bunting to be hung from the rafters, lay strips of fabric onto the floor to make your aisle or even decorate homemade drinks by tying material around the necks of cute little jam jars. Start collecting now!

DIY wedding fabric strips ~ ideas

How about braiding the material and wrapping it around your wedding bouquet for a very unfussy and rustic look? Decorate a plain table cloth with strips of fabric? Or cut lots of different lengths and have as a table runner.

DIY wedding fabric strips ~ ideas1

As I said, the possibilities are endless!! Decorate jam jars with this tutorial. Tie cute little strips around your cutlery. Heck, you could even braid fabric into your hair!

DIY wedding fabric strips ~ ideas2

Just think of all the beautiful fabrics you could use too. Vintage / retro prints, fuzzy felts, gorgeously pretty lace… The colour possibilities are limitless too. How about a rainbow coloured scheme? A plethora of pastel prettiness? Crisp white strips with a metallic twist? Or perhaps your favourite colours?

Another idea for a more streamlined look is to purchase rolls of ribbon and cut to your desired lengths.

DIY wedding fabric strips ~ ombre

One idea I LOVE is the ombre trend, check out this fab tutorial from ruffled blog on how to make your very own ombre fabric strips. Use as you please!

DIY wedding fabric strips ~ ombre

I really hope you’ve enjoyed these DIY wedding tips?! Look forward to seeing you again soon. Have a fab week!

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