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Engagement Shoot Ideas: Creative | Cute | Fun

Engagement Shoot Ideas: Creative | Cute | Fun

Engagement Shoot Ideas: Creative | Cute | Fun

Today I’m going to share with you these creative, cute, fun and beautiful engagement shoot ideas! It’s becoming increasingly popular in the UK to have an engagement shoot before the big day to capture this very special time in life.

These photos last a lifetime and are a great opportunity for couples to get creative and have FUN!!

So check out these cool, fun and beautiful shoot ideas and then get planning your dream e-shoot!

Chasing pavements…

How cute is this pavement art?! You could really let your imagination run riot… so, so creative and cute!!

Creative-engagement shoot-ideas

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Powder paint fight

I think it takes a certain kind of couple to go ahead with this shoot… but the results are amazing! Shy and conservative? Stun your friends and family with this colourful engagement shoot. Pick your colours and aim… FIRE!! Just make sure your tog is as on the ball for this one. Or how about, a water fight… so nostalgic!


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Props, props, props…

Props are required for every fabulous engagement shoot! Particularly loving the lights, so pretty! Other great ideas… balloons, hearts, large initials, cute little signs…


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Some of the best engagement shoots are set against a mesmerising backdrop. NATURE! It just doesn’t get any more perfect than a lavender field {you know I’m nuts about lavender} or a cherry blossom tree or the English countryside. I’m thinking beautiful fields of yellow rapeseed.

Do bare in mind the seasons though, blossom and rapeseed are only around in spring and you may need to go a bit further afield to find a lavender field. However, there are always beautiful woodlands and they look gorgeous whatever time of the year.


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How about a picnic set-up for your love shoot? You could get some really lovely relaxed poses here and best of all you’ll get to scoff all the treats at the end of the shoot.

Another cute idea ~ how about your bed!? Don’t worry you can stay fully clothed ;) just imagine… an energetic pillow fight with feathers flying everywhere!?

Engagement-Shoot-Ideas-~-Picnic Love

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Confetti, bubbles, glitter & hearts

Other cute engagement shoot ideas are: red heart confetti, or even natural flower confetti. So pretty! Glitter’s always a winner and don’t forget bubbles. You and your fiance blowing pretty little bubbles…


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Film theme?

How about an engagement shoot theme? It could be based on your favourite movie or book? Classics include The Notebook, Titanic and Breakfast At Tiffany’s…


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City locations!

Or a totally chic and romantic city location? Paris is the obvious choice for lovers… but why not go further afield? Marrakesh would be AWESOME or maybe Rome?

London’s also a glam choice and don’t forget there are chic and stylish hot-spots in most cities around the world!!


{image credits: 1, 2, 3, 4}

Just love!

Sometimes you just need each other though… I love the romance and intensity of these engagement shots. Just grab your man and a great photographer and you’re good to go!!


 {image credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5}

I hope you’re feeling inspired by these gorgeous engagement shoot ideas… let me know how it goes!

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  1. Love these!
    The Eiffel Tower is not allowed to be in paid photo shoots though. It’s on the international list of locations that can’t be photographed commercially. Do they allow couples portraits?

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