Blushing Bride: Wedding Inspiration

Good morning my loves, I have a beautiful inspiration board to share today from a lady whose fab blog I recently discovered. Burnett’s Boards is a pretty haven of wedding inspiration and a great place to start your search for the perfect wedding. Obviously wedding blogs are an invaluable resource too and you can find numerous inspiration boards on this blog in the want that… drop down menu or under inspiration.

Another amazing place to find inspiration {and I warn you it’s totally addictive} is pinterest, you simply ‘pin’ images to your own boards and hey presto you have your very own visulisation tool. I do believe you need to be invited to join pinterest so if you have any problems signing up ping me an email and I’ll invite you ;- ))

Blushing Bride: Wedding Inspiration

{ image credits: pearlsbouquet, flower girl shoes with bowsDior spring 2012 dressfloral headbandsucculent favor}

“I was thrilled when Sonia asked me to create a guest post inspiration board for her lovely site! I’m pretty new to the wedding blogosphere (Burnett’s Boards was started in March of 2012), and I’ve fallen in love with blogging (Pinterest is a major part of the blame).

I find inspiration for weddings in everything from Anatolian patchwork rugs to novels and movies (one of my favorite pastimes is dreaming up weddings for fictional characters like James, from James and the Giant peach, Jane Eyre, and of course, Miss Havisham from Great Expectations!).

Many thanks again to Sonia for allowing me this opportunity and I hope you’ve all enjoyed this ‘blushing bride’ inspiration board!”


Awww thanks so much Sara for sharing your wedding board awesomeness with WTW!! Brides, where do you currently find your inspiration?

If you’re a massive fan of blush, check out my other blush wedding inspiration. Blush & Pistachio. Blush Pink & Raspberry  & Blush & Taupe :) XxX


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