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Make your own DIY Flower Crown

DIY Flower Headcrown

I said a hip hop, the hippie the hippie, to the hip hip hop, you don’t stop… Happy Friiiiday everyone! I’m feeling rather excitable today :) can you tell? I hope you have some lovely plans for the weekend, I’m looking forward to a ‘girlie night in’ tomorrow night. I’ve invited round the laaaadies and we’re going to have a good old fashioned girlie chin wag with loadsa bubbles, chick flicks, yummy treats and the like. I can’t wait!

So anywho! Onto today’s dreamy post! And I have an absolutely AWESOME tutorial on how to make your own DIY flower crown. So if you’re dreaming of being a beautiful boho bride, this post is totally for you! It really isn’t as hard as you might think, the super talent Susanne from The Blue Carrot shares her expertise and shows us all how…

 I love hair crowns made from real flowers and the good news is they are not that hard to make. A bit fiddly maybe but you can let your imagination run wild.

The tricky thing about them is, that you really should do them on the actual day, as with most of the breathtakingly beautiful things in life, they don’t last forever.

Make your own DIY Flower Crown

I will guide you through the contraction of a winter inspired hair crown, made up from a few leftover flowers and bits that I found in the garden. This one actually lasted surprisingly long and aged with grace.

Make your own DIY Flower Crown

You will need: thick but flexible wire, florist tape, secateurs and some stub wire.

The fresh materials are: hydrangea, viburnum flowers, wax flowers, Spanish moss, anemones, santolina foliage, mimosa flower buds, black cow parsley, mini succulents, variegated ivy and some rosebuds. But you can use whatever you like and whatever you find, don’t be shy.

Make your own DIY Flower Crown

Cut everything to about the length of your little finger. Some things are better wired. That just means, you insert a wire into the stem. Do that with the anemones and the succulents. Tape them if necessary. The hydrangea, I prefer to divide into small section and wire them individually.

DIY Flower Headcrown

Measure the wire around your head, the way you want it to fit later and tape the ends together. Start taping your materials to the wire circlet, using the papery florist tape (don’t use the plastic one, it looks awful). Carry on, ensuring that the tape is more or less invisible.

DIY Flower HeadcrownDIY Flower HeadcrownDIY Flower HeadcrownMake your own DIY Flower CrownDIY Flower Headcrown

And there you-are. You have made a hair crown. If you don’t like it on your head it will look stunning as a wreath, maybe on the church gate, or on your desert table or… wherever you think.

Make your own DIY Flower Crown

What a beautiful floral crown and I love those wintry flowers. I am soooo so jealous of any of you lovely bridestobe who’ll get to wear one of these on your big day. I may just have to organise a WTW photoshoot just so I can wear one myself. So are you gonna have a go? Please let me know how it goes!!

Thanks so much to the incredible talents of the lovely Susanne from The Blue Carrott for sharing this beautiful wintry floral crown tutorial!

  1. Sonia,

    I’m surprised you’re even suggesting such a thing! To expect a bride to make their own wedding crown is just crazy!

    “If you don’t like it on your head it will look stunning as a wreath, maybe on the church gate, or on your desert table or… wherever you think.”

    That’s not going to be much use to you when you have to run around to all florists known to mankind in the hope that one will be good enough an quiet enough to make you one, not only that, but you’ll also have to hope they have the exact flowers you wanted to match the rest of your floral arrangements.

    Brides be warned: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO D-I-Y.


    Matthew – Desire Disco

    1. Thanks for your comment Matthew, this DIY is not aimed at every bride and I would of course advise a bride to have a practice run first. Susanne is also merely commenting that this could be a pretty wreath or dessert table decoration {which I think is a fab idea}.

      1. Hi Sonia,

        It’s a nice idea in theory, but on your wedding day I don’t believe taking risks is appropriate.

        It will take several hours to cut the flowers and make the crown. If it doesn’t look perfect, that’s it, no more chances, you’re without a wedding crown.

        Making one on behalf of the bride is a possibility, but would you really want that responsibility resting on your shoulders? Knowing that if you mess it up the bride will hold you responsible for a mess up on the most important day of her life.

        Leave it to the professionals, it’s one way of ensuring a stress and pain free wedding day.

        Kind regards,

        Matthew – Desire Disco

        1. I love this idea. I am trying to DIY as much as possible, both my adult and mini bridesmaids are wearing hair circles. If I wasn’t lucky enough to have a very good friend whose a florist and doing all the personal flowers for me, I would definitely give this ago.

          Matthew, as as DIY Bride I have made all my hair accessories, as well as doing all the flowers in church inc an arch. I am doing all stationary. I am hand crafting favours. with mum & a friend making the cakes (inc fimo toppers) the chutneys to go with the locally sourced cheese and sorted all the other extras for reception.My cousins are making confetti cones and sorting an i-pod play list for the evening. Even a friend is leading ther service.
          For me DIY is not about perfection, nor really about saving money. It is about the talents my family, friends and I have, coming together to create a day that is full of love. tbh if what we create is a little rough around the edges then it adds to the ‘made with love’ feel.

          Matthew, I don’t think you have any right to criticise Sonia for a beautiful project, it is a brides choice to undertake any task relating to their day and for some the idea of sitting with their girls on the morning of the wedding making flowers arrangements is the perfect way to start their special day.
          Us Brides who use this, and other sights, for ideas and inspiration – which this post is a perfect example of. We are all intelligent adults who are capable of making decisions about what we feel we are able to personally do and the ‘risks’ involved in taking on projects – you might not understand the draw of DIY wedding, but do not come on a fantastic blog and start lecturing me or others on what we should or should not do – how arrogant are you?

          Sonia, please continue with fabulous DIY projects, they make my days prettier and are part of the enjoyment of planning my wedding.

  2. What a beautiful DIY wedding crown Sonia, and it would also be just as easy to convert into a wreath for the Church gate or to use as a centrepiece; maybe around a large, chunky candle. As you advise I’m sure most brides would only attempt this if they were comfortable enough to take it on (and once a trial run – or two – had been attempted first). DIY is certainly one way to save money and is increasingly commonplace in most weddings nowadays. I’m all for it, especially for something this pretty!

    1. Thanks lovely, I’m sure a bride who worried about things like this would not attempt a DIY on her wedding day, but there are lots of brides out there who are very creative and this would not be a risk for them :) XxX

  3. I think it’s beautiful, and a really unique way to add a personal touch to your wedding. I have to say, of all the weddings I have worked on, the DIY ones are the most creative and original. One of my most stress free brides made 7 fifties style bridesmaids dresses, all the flowers and her own hair piece. Do as you feel, that’s what weddings are about! (I also think this might work with high quality silk flowers too if you didn’t want to risk it going wrong on the day….)

    1. That’s good to know Amy, I think the silk flower idea is fantastic too, you could then do it in plenty of time! XxX

  4. As a bit of a hardcore DIY-er I would love to make this. Love love love.

    Sadly, I won’t have the time so my florist is doing it for me.

    For when I fancy wearing a crown to the office though? Totally bookmarked :P


  5. Well put Kate. Could not have said it any better myself. Sonia’s blog is one of my favourites & brightens up any day!
    P.s. your wedding sounds like it’s going to be amazing & totally personal to you and your loved ones – magical! Xx

    1. thank you!

      I think every bride has to do it her way, whether that’s get someone else to do the work or do 100% DIY and everything in between.

      I don’t see why someone, who isn’t even in the shoes of a bride atm, thinks they can be so mean… DIY flowers aren’t everyone’s cup-of-tea but the photos alone are inspirational.

      I will say it again…. this blog makes wedding planning pretty. Thank you Sonia for a beautiful post – it really is stunning!!! x

  6. Very dreamy and fairytale look, Love it! I think this will look great on my 2 flowergirls (if they sit still long enough to get fitted!)

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