SS 2014 Enchanted Atelier Collection Part II

Good morning lovelies, how are you? I am furiously typing away before I have to rush off to the afternoon job why? To bring you the hotly anticipated SS 2014 Enchanted Atelier Collection Part II. Obvs following on from the gorgeous part I, Liv Hart the lead designer from Enchanted Atelier brings us an eclectic range of gloriously gorgeous headpieces, many of the headpieces focus on using coloured stones set in  gold and have a distinct 20s feel. I particularly adore the headpieces embellished with the floating crystal stars!

Daisy Comb by Enchanted Atelier for Maison Sophie Hallette

The location for the shoot was literally transplanted from another time and place. The Agecroft Manor was built in Europe in the 15th century and then packaged, shipped, and rebuilt in the US in the 1920’s. 


The images were captured by the artful eye of Laura Gordon. She shoots with film and creates the perfect tone for our vintage inspired accessories images.

Reverie Headband

SS 2014 Enchanted Atelier Collection Part II
SS 2014 Enchanted Atelier Collection Part II
SS 2014 Enchanted Atelier Collection Part II
Lucienne in Rouge

The makeup was styled by artist Liz Wegrzyn. She has a beautiful talent for telling our story through her makeup. Her work has been featured in many of our look book shoots!

Melanie Headband

Melanie Sash
Leanne Comb

Melanie Mederios was the artist to create our gorgeous vintage inspired hairstyle. She employed expert techniques to create a faux bob with our model Leanne’s very long hair! 

Lucienne in Rouge
Jardin Vine Bleu

Our model Leanne Hyer is the enchanting face for our latest collection. She is always so brilliant at capturing the feel of our look! 


Elizabeth Fleur

We worked with effortlessly chic designer Delphine Manivet for the vintage French inspired gowns.

Laura Headband (2)

Floating Star Headband
Clemence French Sash by Enchanted Atelier for Maison Sophie Hallette
Seraphina Headband (3)
Floating Star Headband
Blair Pin in Bleu
Beatrice Headband

Delicately hand-crafted accessories and headpieces that seem as if they were plucked from another time, effortless style, and 1920’s French influence are all part of the design aesthetic for our S/S 2014 accessories and headpieces collection.

So what do you think? Totally in love with the Enchanted Atelier Collection? I thought so :) XxX

credits |photography: laura gordon | gowns: delphine manivet gowns | mua: liz wegrzyn | hair: melanie medirious | location agecroft manor | model: leanne hyer | accessories & headpieces: enchanted atelier

  1. I thought I would be able to pick a favourite but they’re all so gorgeous! This is the kind of post that makes a married girl want to do a styled rock the frock shoot :)

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