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wedding chair ideas - lace wedding chair cover

If there’s one topic that’s bound to get a wedding blogger a little hot under the collar, it’s the contentious issue of wedding chairs and in particular the rather gruesome, bog-standard wedding chair covers. Go on… google wedding chair cover and you will see a plethora of unimaginative, uniformed chair covers with an array of vomit worthy sashes. Sorry. I know I’m being a tad harsh but the chair cover and sash has come to represent everything I dislike about weddings. Over-priced, unimaginative and totally lacking in personality. Wowzers. I’m really wondering if I got out of bed on the wrong side this morning!

Anyways, after that little rant, I’m super chuffed to share with you many, many ideas of how you can decorate your wedding chairs, after all, your wedding chairs are an integral part of your wedding styling and deserve more love than a cheap-looking chair cover and sash… Ooops there I go again.

Thankfully, wedding venues are starting to wise up and realise how important wedding chairs are and many a venue has invested in the Chiavari chair. These chairs look great on their own or can be decorated in various ways from the simple to the elaborate. I particularly love these chair jackets or sleeves. Much, much more stylish than your average synthetic looking chair cover…

Lace Chair Cap or Jacket or Sleeve
Chair Jacket with flower

image credit: lace chair coverlinen chair jacket

Glamorous Chair Jacket

images credit: glamorous chair sleeve

It could become a tad expensive to decorate each and every wedding chair in your venue with swathes and swathes of material… but not two special chairs. One for the bride and one for the groom.

draped fabric and flower chair
draped material and flower chair cover

image credit: draped lace & flowers, linen & flowers

lace chair cover and orchids

image credit: lace material and orchid

It’s also popular to decorate just the aisle chairs in your ceremony room.

lace chair tie & flower

image credits: lace tie & flower

Instead of fresh cuts of flowers, why not use a brooch or an inexpensive hair clip as the finishing touch to gather your drape.

Lace and brooch chair cover
Glamourous brooch wedding Chair cover

image credits: lace and vintage brooch, sparkly tulle and glam brooch

Pretty flower corsages or flowers in jam jars can liven up your wedding chairs and are easy to move from the ceremony to the reception venue.

flower jam jar chair
chilvari chair and flower

image credits: flower jar chair decoration, flower decoration

Small posies of flowers and ribbons are über pretty and the ribbons can be easily incorporated into your colour scheme/style.

white chairs and hydrangea

image credit: white wooden chairs with burlap & hydrangea

wooden chair with flowers and ribbons
wooden chair with flower posy and ribbon

image credits: flowers and ribbons, flowers and ribbons

If you want to make a huge impact with fresh flowers on your wedding chairs, the statement floral is the answer. Adding more leaves will help to keep the cost down.

Statement floral wedding chairs
Statement Wedding Chairs

image credits: floral statement chairfloral wedding chair

Bunches of lavender tied to your chairs create a lovely, natural and rustic look. These chalkboard name signs are adorable too.

Lavender & Chalkboard chair signage

image credit: rustic chalk name sign

walk the line | chair cover
rustic chair number sign

image credit: moss chair decoration, burlap chair number

Are you having a vintage influenced wedding? These mix and match chairs from The Poppy Trading Company barely need decoration.

mismatched vintage alternative wedding chairs

image credits: mismatched vintage wedding chairs

And these plain wooden chairs with floral cushions are super sweet…

alternative wedding chairs with pillows or cushions

image credits: wooden chairs and vintage cushions

How about a spot of wedding DIY? Totally love the ombre in this ribbon tied chair.

Ombre ribbon chiavari wedding chair
ribbons chair chiavari chair

image credits: ombre wedding chairdiy chair ribbons

If you’re looking for a quick and easy chair decoration. Pom poms are the answer. They come in various colours, sizes and materials. Yes! I’m loving tulle pom poms. Trés chic.

image credits: wooden chairs and pom-pomsdiy chair decorations

Paper heart doilies are really sweet tied with bakers twine and are also fuss-free. You can use a die-cut machine for doing them.

wedding chairs with diy doilies

image credits: handmade doilies and bakers twine

This gold sparkly love sign is super duper trendy . And there’s no knocking Mr & Mrs chair signs .

ribbons and sparkles love sign
wooden chair with Mr & Mrs signage and flowers

image credits: love signageMr & Mrs signage

So here you have loads of wedding chair decoration ideas but what about the actual chairs? Hmm, chair options… We’ve already talked about the Chiavari chair which seems to be the norm for stylish wedding venues and we’ve discussed the vintage mix and match chairs .

You can also make any handmade sign you want. You just need a home embroidery machine and some magic.

But what other options do we have? Ghost chairs are a lovely contemporary option.

ghost wedding chairs
ghost wedding chairs

image credits: modern ghost chairghost chairs

And how amazing are these modern white wedding chairs? So stylish!

modern wedding chairs

image credit: modern wedding chair

These wrought iron, garden wedding chairs are beauuuutiful

wrought iron wedding chairs
white iron chair with flowers

image credits: iron chair and flower jarsiron chair and statement floral

And these tolix wedding chairs are super stylish.


image credit: tolix wedding chairs

And who says you even have to choose chairs at all? Whether your wedding is inside or out, how about wooden benches or maybe even hay bales?

wedding benches for ceremony
hay stack and lace for wedding ceremony

image credit: wooden benches, hay bales

Supplier list for wedding chairs

The Poppy Trading Company: great for vintage style chairs

Cult Furniture Hire: has an array of über stylish chairs including the ghost chair and tolix chair

Catering Equipment Hire: Has gorgeous iron garden chairs, white wooden chairs and chiavari chairs

I really hope I’ve given you loads of wedding chair ideas! Do you have anything to add to this post? Have you found an awesome wedding chair you’d like to share with the world? Tell me, what kind of chair or type of wedding chair covers are you going to have?

  1. Great pics of chair options and inspiration. Live that you listed suppliers as well! Will visit back often when needed. Thanks!!

  2. Those little chalk boards for names are a really good idea! Though a lot of writing for someone.

  3. Some amazing ideas here, for all pockets. I love the simplicity of having your guest’s name hanging on the back of the chair – written in chalk on the slate.

  4. I have lots of unique chair covers for these Chiavari chairs, but struggle to find venues that have these chairs :-(

  5. Thank you for including our photo in this lovely spread, Sonia! Michael and Kate’s chairs with the chalkboard name signs and lavender were my favorite. They did have a small wedding which made it easier. If you wanted to incorporate the idea for a larger wedding, you could do the signs for the wedding party only. Great post!

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment Candace :)) Such a gorgeous image and wonderful inspiration XxX

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