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Powder Blue, Pink & White: Romantic Barn Wedding: Laura & Sion

Today’s wedding was a really emotional affair! Laura & Sion married in Warwickshire and had their reception in a romantic barn setting with just a hint of rustic, a touch of vintage, and a sprinkling of glam!

The couple’s eclectic taste shines through from the film inspired Top Gun and Sleepless in Seattle table names, to the pretty rustic barn setting and all the subtle vintage details. Laura’s stunning Justin Alexander dress fitted her like a glove, and I adore her choice of sparkling silver Jimmy Choos and the the bias cut powder blue / grey dresses she chose for her lucky bridesmaids

Words by Laura.

As a couple we are quite eclectic… we like all sorts of different types of films… which we used for the table plans… we like all sorts of music, which reflected in the party after the wedding breakfast, we really just wanted all our guests to relax and have the best time, so we didn’t make anything too formal which we hope came across on the day. Even at the church we wanted to add a bit of our personality too by exiting to Florence and The Machine’s “You Got The Love”. Chosen so people could cheer and clap and not feel like they couldn’t!

Silver sparkling Jimmy Choo Wedding ShoesRomantic lace Justin Alexander wedding dress with hint of blush

I decided on a Justin Alexander wedding dress as the lace detail had a subtle vintage feel and the fit and cut of the dress was so elegant. My silver Jimmy Choos also added the right amount of vintage glam!

floral sparkling bridal comb with vintage feel
Silver wedding shoes - Jimmy Choo
Dusty pink roses and cabbage rose wedding bouquet
all you need is love wedding stationery
wedding signage - what if the hokey cokey really is what it's all about
Laura & Sion-13
Powder Blue, Pink & White: Romantic Barn Wedding: Laura & Sion
bride getting ready in rollers and re lips
Powder Blue, Pink & White: Romantic Barn Wedding: Laura & Sion
Powder Blue, Pink & White: Romantic Barn Wedding: Laura & Sion
Powder Blue, Pink & White: Romantic Barn Wedding: Laura & Sion
Powder Blue, Pink & White: Romantic Barn Wedding: Laura & Sion
Powder Blue, Pink & White: Romantic Barn Wedding: Laura & Sion
Laura & Sion-25
Laura & Sion-27
Laura & Sion-28
 Laura & Sion-32 Laura & Sion-33 beautiful bride with red lips and long eyelashes bride with wedding date tattoo on the back of neck Powder Blue, Pink & White: Romantic Barn Wedding: Laura & Sionbride with bridesmaids in powder blue long dressesLaura & Sion-42 Powder Blue, Pink & White: Romantic Barn Wedding: Laura & Sion
Powder Blue, Pink & White: Romantic Barn Wedding: Laura & Sion
Laura & Sion-45
Laura & Sion-46
Laura & Sion-47
Laura & Sion-48
Laura & Sion-51Laura & Sion-53

Sion surprised us with a 1951 Bentley MK V1 to take us to the church. It was such a nice touch.

Laura & Sion-54
Laura & Sion-55
Laura & Sion-56

My dad’s best friend who is really dear to my heart and reminds me so much of my dad gave me away. It was very special for me to have him do this for me.

Laura & Sion-57
Laura & Sion-58
Laura & Sion-59
Laura & Sion-60
Laura & Sion-61
Laura & Sion-62

I walked down the aisle to Pachelbel Cannon in D. Beautiful music and very calming!

Laura & Sion-64
Laura & Sion-67
Laura & Sion-63
Laura & Sion-70
Laura & Sion-76
Laura & Sion-77Laura & Sion-78

The gorgeous and hugely talented Natalie McKenzie Brown was our wedding photographer. I met Natalie when she was photographing my friends Claire Buckley’s wedding. Natalie is so adorable!!!

Laura & Sion-80
Laura & Sion-79
Laura & Sion-82

One of things I am not very good at is having photos taken of myself. I actually don’t like being in the limelight too much so knew I wanted to have someone who was professional and had beautiful talent but also understood what our day was about, which in the main was capturing everyone not just us. Natalie did this in the most wonderful way! I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Laura & Sion-86
Laura & Sion-84
Laura & Sion-85

She captured everything we wanted throughout the whole day, friends and family laughing and enjoying themselves and then the more intimate ones with Sion and I were made so easy and really gave the feel we both wanted. When the photos came back it bought tears to my eyes and all of my friends.

Laura & Sion-87
Laura & Sion-89
Laura & Sion-88

Natalie really told a story of the day which read like a fairytale, also giving her a massive shout out for the amazing job gathering the stag and hens after the wedding breakfast for a good shot!!!

Laura & Sion-90
Laura & Sion-91
Laura & Sion-92 Laura & Sion-93Laura & Sion-94
Laura & Sion-97
Laura & Sion-96
Laura & Sion-95Laura & Sion-100
Laura & Sion-103
Laura & Sion-102
Laura & Sion-101Laura & Sion-109
Laura & Sion-98
Laura & Sion-99
Laura & Sion-104
Laura & Sion-110
Laura & Sion-121
Laura & Sion-122
Laura & Sion-123
Laura & Sion-124
Laura & Sion-129
Laura & Sion-126
Mr & Mrs Bunting
Top Gun table plan
Powder Blue, Pink & White: Romantic Barn Wedding: Laura & Sion
Top gun wedding table planBeautiful barn wedding

We used Gypsophilia flower globes to hang from some of the beams to give a slightly rustic country vibe and then as the barn is so beautifully decorated we didn’t really need to do much else.

baby's breath hanging pomander
top gun table name
top gun table name

The tables filled up the room with the flowers in the centre and favours in little brown paper bags. Dotted around the barn were little glass bottles bought from various junk shops filled with gypsophilia to carry the theme through.

rustic table place name
Sleepless in seattle table name
Baby's breath hanging decoration
Laura & Sion-151
Laura & Sion-154
Laura & Sion-150

A family friend baked all 200 cupcakes, which were lemon drizzle cupcakes and all individually iced!!

Laura & Sion-156
Laura & Sion-157
Laura & Sion-155 Laura & Sion-158
Laura & Sion-161
Laura & Sion-162
Laura & Sion-163

We did provide favours which were split between two charities. Macmillan cancer research for half the guests as Sions mum passed away due to cancer a few years ago. They were so helpful and provided little lovebird pin badges for a donation which were pinned on a card with the date of our wedding.

The other half were RLNI magnets which were my chosen charity in memory of my Dad who passed away a few years ago also. Again, really helpful and provided little magnets in the shape of wellington boots for a donation of our choice.

We thought these favours added a personal touch for our guests and for us, it was nice to give back to the charities that were close to our hearts. We wanted to ensure my dad and Sion’s mum were there in spirit for our day so it was lovely to have the favours be a symbol this.

Laura & Sion-164
Laura & Sion-165
Laura & Sion-167Laura & Sion-171
Laura & Sion-172
Laura & Sion-168
Laura & Sion-173 Laura & Sion-179
Laura & Sion-180
Laura & Sion-183
Chalk board wedding menu
Laura & Sion-203
Laura & Sion-204
Laura & Sion-205
Laura & Sion-215
Laura & Sion-214
red letter box wedding card box
Laura & Sion-199

If you could impart any words of wisdom to future brides planning their wedding days, what would they be?

Ensure you have a couple of days off before the actual day to relax and enjoy and take everything in… Things get slightly manic and go by in a flash on the actual day, so some of the funniest times I had were the day before, enjoying spending time with family and friends and getting excited about the big day.

2nd try not to get hung up on the small things. I was obsessed with little details and organization which actually on the day didn’t matter. Everything just has a habit of falling into place. From the moment I stepped into that church and saw Sion I knew the day was going to be perfect and nothing else mattered. Sounds cliché but it is true.

I would also say don’t limit yourself to the theme you are wanting to go for. We bought things and added things that we just thought were nice and personal to us and it all came together and looked perfect on the day.

Powder Blue, Pink & White: Romantic Barn Wedding: Laura & Sion
Powder Blue, Pink & White: Romantic Barn Wedding: Laura & Sion
Powder Blue, Pink & White: Romantic Barn Wedding: Laura & Sion Powder Blue, Pink & White: Romantic Barn Wedding: Laura & Sion
Powder Blue, Pink & White: Romantic Barn Wedding: Laura & Sion
Powder Blue, Pink & White: Romantic Barn Wedding: Laura & Sion
Powder Blue, Pink & White: Romantic Barn Wedding: Laura & Sion

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding day / evening?

I have 2 highly memorable moments which I think I will hold onto for the rest of my life…

When I 1st saw Sion when I had got to him at the end of the aisle… he could tell I was nervous and he just took hold of my hand and gave it a slight squeeze and shot me a little cheeky smile, all my nerves left me and I knew this was going to be the happiest day.

My 2nd moment was my dearest friend Hannah doing my father of the bride speech… she was so open, honest and funny and brought tears to everyone’s eyes, including Sion! She looked so beautiful reading the speech and it will be a moment I will never forget. Having all our guests together in the barn and Hannah read the speech and seeing everyone laugh and cry with sentiment meant so much to me, more than she will ever know.

What a lovely gorgeous wedding right?! Loving those quirky, humorous shots of Laura with her fed up maids! Ha. Too cute.

Massive congratulation to our lovely couple Laura and Sion and a huge thank you to them and their talented wedding photographer Natalie McKenzie-Brown for sharing the beautiful wedding images with the Want That Wedding blog.

Please do leave our couple some love in the comments section!

wedding credits | photographer: natalie of mckenzie brown photography | venue: napton church, warwickshire reception venue: dodford manor, northamptonshire | wedding dress: justin alexander via true romantica | bridal shoes: jimmy choo | makeup: rochelle o’ brien | bridesmaids dresses: ghost | grooms suit: heaphys in warwick | flowers: suzanne evetts | entertainment: band, stairway to eleven / dj, dj risco

  1. These stunning photos make me feel like I need to get remarried as they are beautiful. With a mixture of classic photos with some more unusual. WOW fantastic

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