The Year Of The Orchid (Radiant Orchid) | Wedding Inspiration: Colour Ideas

The Year Of The Orchid (Radiant Orchid) | Wedding Inspiration: Colour Ideas

Good evening my lovelies! I must admit, when pantone let us know that Radiant Orchid was their colour of the year, I was a little skeptical. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but I think that perhaps, this colour can look a little lurid if used in only one tone?!!?? I question that, as I said, I’m still not a 100% sure if that is true [and I am willing to eat my words].

Personally, I think the key to using the pantone colour, radiant orchid is to not just stick with the one tone, but select a kaleidoscope of colours. From the deepest purples and piercing magenta’s, all the way down to the other end of the spectrum. Pretty lilacs and rose pinks. I also think these colours look AMAZE next to industrial slates, urban greens and pretty hues of dusky blues.

The Year Of The Orchid (Radiant Orchid) | Wedding Inspiration: Colour Ideas

Of course. I now think this colour palette is absolutely gorgeous! How about you?

Are you planning to use Radiant Orchid for your own colour scheme? What colours do you think marry well with this shade?

To see Radiant Orchid in action, check out this pretty radiant orchid wedding… gorgeous huh?!

So as usual, I’m going to pop in my handy links for what’s been on the blog this week. What you may have missed . And what you can now catch up with- it’s been another gorgeous week over here .

I’ve also decided to include a new section to my Sunday evening catch-ups. It’s called… Things I’ve Loved This Week .

Things I loved this week…

Meeting up with girlfriends to celebrate a landmark birthday. My best friend turned 40 .

Being a bad influence and encouraging said girlfriends to down numerous shots of zambuca with me. 5.

Waking up on Saturday morning and sleepily asking my husband what day it was. Cuddling into him and going back to sleep.

Getting a new bed. We’ve slept on a mattress on the floor for about 4 months!

Rolling over on the new bed at least 5 times, from one end to the other .

Excitingly exclaiming that we could sleep across the bed if we wanted to.

Sitting in the new bed with my gorgeous cat coconut and my iPad trying to work out why my G+ page has suddenly exploded.

Continuously refreshing my G+ page and working out how many extra followers I  now have .

Catching up with Mad Men. Ooo Mr Draper.

Cooking a joint of pork in our slow cooker to make BBQ pulled pork .

Eating it the next day in yummy tiger bread buns, served with homemade spicy slaw and belgian beer. I even instagrammed it.

Having an afternoon snooze in our new bed.

So that’s been my week my dears, now tell me ALL about yours!

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image credits | purple & pink anemones: photography by unknown | purple coloured feather: photography by julie and brigetteradiant orchid shoes: photography by scott andrew studio | radiant orchid & gold stationery: photography by lisa rigby photographyradiant orchid wedding dress: photography by unknown | orchid colour cake topper: photography by sherry hammonds photography | purple thread boutonniere: photography by debra eby photography | purple hues lights: photography by unknown | lilac and purple macarons: photography by unknown

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  1. Wow! The orchid colour is really amazing! It would look fabulous as an accent colour. Over the years, I’ve shot many colourful weddings – bright yellow was a memorable one – but never such a vibrant colour as Radiant Orchid! Stunning!

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