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Modern Green & Pink Wedding: France & Tom

Modern Green & Pink Wedding: Frances & Tom

Good evening lovelies! I have a super fun and uber bright wedding to share with you today. I’m not sure if you remember the lovely France & Tom? I do hope so. I featured their ‘duty free‘ love story and engagement shoot on the blog last year… Well they’ve only gone and done it! They are now Mr & Mrs Mason.

France chose a bright colour palette of lime green and pink to contrast against the minimalist backdrop of their wedding venue, Fazely Studios, and it really worked. Talk about POW!

France looks effortlessly gorgeous in her fresh flower floral crown and floaty bridal dress, and there is so much fun and personality in their modern day wedding, I just cannot wait to share it with you.

Words by Frances .

We met in the duty free at Zadar airport in Croatia, on the way back from Electric Elephant festival. We hung out in the departure lounge, sat together on the plane and it all went from there! Special thanks to our lucky charm Charlotte who was happy to put the iPod on while we got to know each other!

Modern Lime Green & Pink Wedding: Frances & Tom

I chose the Maggie Sottero “Vanessa” dress for my big day, this was actually dress number 2. I confessed to my new husband the morning after our wedding! Thanks to our accomplices who helped hide the first one! (It’s now on eBay!).

Modern Lime Green & Pink Wedding: Frances & Tom
Modern Lime Green & Pink Wedding: Frances & Tom
Modern Lime Green & Pink Wedding: Frances & Tom

I wore the most adorable pair of Vivienne Westwood, Melissa heart shoes!

F&T (brighton-photo)14
F&T (brighton-photo)7
F&T (brighton-photo)22

I found my florist by luck really! I’d had a few bad runs with some people not keeping their price etc or going bankrupt so she saved the day 3 months prior to the wedding; she was brilliant!!

F&T (brighton-photo)21

I had lots of ideas, and knew I wanted a fresh flower headpiece and she delivered exactly what I wanted!

F&T (brighton-photo)27
F&T (brighton-photo)33
F&T (brighton-photo)23

One of my bridesmaid was my hairdresser (Sophie)  so she did everybody’s hair!! Bless her!

F&T (brighton-photo)41
F&T (brighton-photo)49
F&T (brighton-photo)53

Tom popped the question in New York without a ring, I then chose the engagement ring the next day in the Manhattan diamond district, we sealed the deal over shots of vodka! 

F&T (brighton-photo)56

We live in Birmingham, so chose Fazeley Studios to get married. We fell in love with the venue straight away!

F&T (brighton-photo)75

F&T (brighton-photo)65
F&T (brighton-photo)66
F&T (brighton-photo)76

The venue inspired me to add bright colours; I wanted to keep it simple & elegant BUT fun!

F&T (brighton-photo)84

Tom’s best man was Andy and the ushers were his old flatmates Arran and Max . 

F&T (brighton-photo)68

F&T (brighton-photo)92
F&T (brighton-photo)80

The Helium balloons looked great and added colour straight away to the venue, and it kept my nephew busy!!!

F&T (brighton-photo)93

My Dad walked me down the aisle to Nina Simone’s ‘Feeling Good’.

F&T (brighton-photo)83

F&T (brighton-photo)95
F&T (brighton-photo)85
F&T (brighton-photo)89
F&T (brighton-photo)101
F&T (brighton-photo)103
F&T (brighton-photo)104
F&T (brighton-photo)105
F&T (brighton-photo)107
F&T (brighton-photo)106
F&T (brighton-photo)112
F&T (brighton-photo)108F&T (brighton-photo)120F&T (brighton-photo)122
F&T (brighton-photo)119
F&T (brighton-photo)124
F&T (brighton-photo)128
F&T (brighton-photo)129
F&T (brighton-photo)131
F&T (brighton-photo)133
F&T (brighton-photo)134
F&T (brighton-photo)139
F&T (brighton-photo)149F&T (brighton-photo)146F&T (brighton-photo)176F&T (brighton-photo)189

Heather Shuker of Brighton Photo  was our wedding photographer, she is fantastic! Heather and her assistant did a great job on the day and we enjoyed our ‘nearly married’ engagement shoot too. 

F&T (brighton-photo)191
F&T (brighton-photo)230
F&T (brighton-photo)232F&T (brighton-photo)238F&T (brighton-photo)249

My bridesmaid Sophie was delighted with her lime green bridesmaid dress as it’s one of her favourite colours. Alice was hoping for pink as well!

F&T (brighton-photo)250

Both dresses were supposed to be the same design but in different colours but it didn’t work to plan. Sophie found hers last minute on, reduced for £15!!!! And it all worked for the best in the end as they wanted different colours anyway!

F&T (brighton-photo)266F&T (brighton-photo)431

F&T (brighton-photo)294
F&T (brighton-photo)292
F&T (brighton-photo)434

Our wedding favours were macarons from Lady Jaynes Cakes. She also made our turntable wedding cake and colourful cupcake tower.

F&T (brighton-photo)293

My sister brought back from Paris some traditional French sugar coated almonds bags called “bonbonnieres” with our wedding dates on it! That was a sweet surprise!

F&T (brighton-photo)437
F&T (brighton-photo)438
F&T (brighton-photo)432F&T (brighton-photo)540

I ordered as a surprise for Tom, some paper lanterns spelling together : “DUTY FREE LOVE STORY”!! That’s where we met after all!! They look really pretty lit up at night and he noticed straight away when he arrived at the wedding venue.

F&T (brighton-photo)439
F&T (brighton-photo)440
F&T (brighton-photo)456
F&T (brighton-photo)544
F&T (brighton-photo)545
F&T (brighton-photo)560

We had three wedding cakes! A cake shaped like a turntable, a cheese cake and a meat cake!

F&T (brighton-photo)433
F&T (brighton-photo)435
F&T (brighton-photo)618
F&T (brighton-photo)617
F&T (brighton-photo)619
F&T (brighton-photo)626
F&T (brighton-photo)634
F&T (brighton-photo)630
F&T (brighton-photo)638

Our friend Deano Ferrino DJ’ed and we had a photo booth from Confetti Booth which was tons of fun!

F&T (brighton-photo)640
F&T (brighton-photo)644
F&T (brighton-photo)658
F&T (brighton-photo)566
F&T (brighton-photo)574
F&T (brighton-photo)578

Our first dance was to Grace Jones ‘La Vie En Rose’, I had never heard this very famous French song done in a disco style, Tom messaged me on Facebook with a link to the video and the flirting commenced!

F&T (brighton-photo)580
F&T (brighton-photo)599

If I could impart any words of wisdom to future brides? I would say…

 Modern Green & Pink Wedding: Frances & Tom

Try and turn up on time and don’t let your husband be a monkey!

F&T (brighton-photo)378
Modern Green & Pink Wedding: Frances & Tom
Modern Green & Pink Wedding: Frances & Tom
Modern Green & Pink Wedding: Frances & Tom

Leave the decoration to the wife to be, she knows best, and don’t stress to much, whatever happens;

“Where there is love & inspiration I don’t think you can go wrong!” (Ella Fitzerald)

Modern Green & Pink Wedding: Frances & Tom

Our most memorable moments from the day were;

Seeing our family and friends cutting shapes on the dance floor.

The older generation playing up the fancy dress games in the photo booth!!

Discovering our secret respective messages inside our wedding rings! X

Modern Green & Pink Wedding: Frances & Tom

So many fun details right? Thanks you so much France and Tom!

I love the record player wedding cake and vinyl place table settings. I also love that they had so much about them as a couple, sown into their big day. Massive thanks to Heather Shuker of Brighton Photos for sharing this bright, fun and modern real wedding with the blog.

So what do you think? How do you plan to personalise your big day?

wedding credits | photographer: brighton photos | venue: fazeley studios | brides dress: maggie sottero | grooms suit: autograph | flowers: [email protected] | make up and hair: sophie | transport: french citroen |

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