How to manifest your wedding day, yes really!!

How to manifest your wedding day, yes really!!

Want That Wedding is getting all spiritual on yo’ ass today. Haha. Don’t worry I’m not changing the tone of my blog ;)

So what am I blathering on about exactly? This ↓

How to manifest your wedding day, yes really!!

Well. It all started with a real wedding I blogged not too long ago. The gorgeous bride had fallen in love with a stunning Claire Pettibone gown that was waaaay out of her price range. So what did she do? She decided to manifest the cash to make her dream come true!

A few days later I was on facebook and was again reminded of The Law of Attraction when a wonderful wedding photographer mentioned she’d used the technique to book 3 weddings before that week was out.

So it got my little ol’ brain tick tocking.

The Law Of Attraction does work. I promise. What you think about you bring about. I spent most of my 20s in and out of shitty relationships with men who were too big of a bastard to ever commit to me. And so? I had my heart broken again and again and again. It was in my early 30s I first heard about the Law Of Attraction. I read up on the subject for a while before finally deciding to try it out and deciding that 2009 would be the year I met someone. In fact, not just someone but ‘the one’.

So what did I start to do? Well, I first of all started to get my house in order (mentally speaking). I decided that I was worthy, that I wasn’t going to date these commitment freak losers anymore and that I deserved to be with someone who treated me with respect and wanted the same things I did. i.e marriage, children, a loving relationship. On the 29th January 2009. I met Chris. And we knew. Instantly. 6 years later and here we are, happy as can be, married. And why is that? Because I used the Law Of Attraction. I believed. I knew it would happened. I deserved for it to happen. I imagined it to happen. I felt it happen. And then it did.

Over the years I gradually forgot about the Law Of Attraction and became caught up in an endless round of angst and worrying – and I truly believe that started working its way back into my life and into my relationship.

So when the Law Of Attraction popped up again recently, I decided to start using it. And you know what? It started working immediately. First of all I manifested money into my bank account and then a bit of success, as well as health, love and abundance. And then it occurred to me…

What if you could actually manifest your wedding?

Now I don’t want this post to sound like it’s all about the money, because it’s not. But it definitely does include an aspect of money, because weddings do cost money.

What I also want to touch upon though, is that you can manifest your dream wedding and all the emotions that go with it – as well as the material aspects.

Just imagine. A fun, totally stress free wedding day that goes off without a hitch, as well as that stunning pair of shoes that you never thought you could afford.

So how do you start?

First of all. You need to ask the universe. Think about what it is that you want, and then simply ask the universe for it. You can say it out loud, write it down or even say it in your head. It doesn’t matter.

The key is – you have to get onto the right vibration and that starts by being crystal clear in what you truly want. So now picture what it is in your mind and really start to feel what it would be like to actually have that! Want a stress free day? Imagine yourself gliding into your day with not a care in the world, just pure joy and excitement to be marrying the love of your life. Can you feel it? Feel those emotions now. Serenity. Love. Joy. Excitement.

Now imagine that this is a fact. Without a doubt. This is how your wedding day is going to be. Peaceful, Joyous. Fun. Loving. And now here comes the key. Be grateful! Thank the universe for bringing you this wonderful man / woman and event into your life. Feel blessed to share this momentous occasion with your beloved friends and family.

To help the process along you can create a visual mood board of how you imagine your day to be. This board can include the physical, emotional and material aspects that you desire. Feel free to create a Pinterest board and call it My Wedding Day . Pin happy smiling faces and imagine them to be you and your love. Pin that dream dress, pretty hairstyle, incredible venue and then believe, feel and know that it has already happened, that is already yours!

Do not get caught up in the how!! Just trust.

IT IS yours! Trust in the universe. Trust that it will find a way to manifest itself.

Here is a mantra that you can say every day to get yourself onto the right vibration.

How to manifest your wedding day, yes really!!

In fact PIN this image to your new pinterest board! Or make your own up! You can follow me on pinterest here.

Read up on the Law Of Attraction, and please don’t forget to post the links for your pinterest boards in the comments section below. I would love to see them :)) XxX

  1. Wow Sonia! Such a small world. I didn’t know you were into the Law of Attraction too. It’s so rare to ‘meet’ people who don’t think you’re completely crazy! :D xxx

  2. I’ve been in love with the thought of being married lately, and my boyfriend is the perfect one for me.
    Right before I clicked on the link, my heart and thoughts were soaring with imagining our life together.
    Then, I read your article and January 29th is his birthday and his name is Chris lol.
    I take it I’m on the right track ?

  3. Looki g forward to marrying the love of my life shari.g our wedding day with our friends an d famlies..I am so grateful to The Creator and universe for fitly joining us together with great love ,peace ,joyand happiness with longivity

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