An Interview With Gadegaard Design + A Sneak at The Gorgeous Ethereal Collection

An Interview With Gadegaard Design + A Sneak at The Gorgeous Ethereal Collection
cassiopeia gold bridal headpiece

Happy Saturday!! I’ve had the absolute pleasure of interviewing couture headpiece and veil designer Susanne of Gadegaard Designs. She’s a total sweetheart and super talented to boot…

Did you have any interests growing up, any particular hobbies?

I remember always drawing and being around my family, who are incredibly creative all the time. My dad always painted and did drawings. I learned how to do perfect shading with a pencil and later with paint. He also played the guitar and so music and creating with my hands, were always entwined for me.

Drawing and painting were always places where I was at ease and felt I could create something beautiful. And drawing is also quite important for me now, as I am able to sketch out my ideas for new pieces, and for bespoke orders for clients.

An Interview With Gadegaard Design + A Sneak at The Gorgeous Ethereal Collection
cassiopeia silver bridal headpiece

Was it always your dream to become a bridal accessories designer?

No not particularly. When I was a teenager, I spent hours drawing clothes and dresses and tiaras, but I never had the confidence to pursue a real designer education.

Instead, I chose a more safe route and pursued a sales education. This, in turn has given me a very good feel for customer service, so I really work very hard to keep my clients happy. I think that is shown in my review on the shop, on Etsy.

Take a look and see for yourself :)

Who inspired you growing up?

My dad, creatively, when I was very young. He really inspired me with his abstract paintings, and the way he worked with extreme precision, even though it was abstract painting. He is brilliant, and one of a kind.

Later my mom joined the party, and began to paint, and is also still doing so. She also taught me, that I should never be afraid of change, not even a new career or education. To stand still in ones life, is never healthy. Always more forward, learn from mistakes and successes, and never ever blame anyone for you failures.

Always take responsibility! This is their legacy for me, and what they taught me.

An Interview With Gadegaard Design + A Sneak at The Gorgeous Ethereal Collection
celestia bridal headpiece halo

Where do you draw your inspiration from? How do you get motivated for designing your bridal headpieces?

I find inspiration everywhere. The colours of nature, the feeling of spring, Christmas and the texture of lace, the shimmer of pearls. All these are feelings and are translated into certain materials for me.

For this collection, I fell completely in love with a pearlescent faux cream leather and english net, which is a special tulle, that falls very very lightly and has a beautiful flow. These two materials are present in some form, throughout most pieces in the collection, and made it come together to form the Ethereal Collection.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

As I’m fairly new in the wedding industry, for now – each new collection is the highlight. Each time I have worked with my photographer Tina Liv and model Mira Obling, I feel like this is it! I am so blessed to work with them.

Another highlight was when I quit my sales manager job, a year ago, to concentrate on Gadegaard Design.

An Interview With Gadegaard Design + A Sneak at The Gorgeous Ethereal Collection
elsie crystal hair adornment vine

From you collection, do you have a favorite headpiece?

The Cassiopeia Star headpieces in gold and silver, and the Audrey are my favorites from this collection.

But I do also love the Elsie. So so delicate and feminine.

What types of materials and detailing do you use for your collections?

I use different materials to get the looks I want. Different laces, such as French Chantilly and Alencon lace.

I use Swarovski pearls, as they have the perfection I love. Preciosa seedbeads are also present in many pieces, as are different crystals in silver and gold settings.

What type of bride do you think is attracted to you headpieces?

Usually my brides are modern women, who are searching for a feminine feel. She is attracted to the ethereal fairy-like look, without committing to go all the way to LOTR. She wants a personal experience with me, and often it takes many emails to get the pieces just right.

She often wants pieces that will become heirlooms to hand to her own daughter.

An Interview With Gadegaard Design + A Sneak at The Gorgeous Ethereal Collection
florence gold bridal halo

Are there any exciting plans coming up for you, Susanne?

I’m currently doing sketches for a new collection, and searching wide and far for new materials. This is always exciting for me

Personally and professionally, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself learning new skills, still creating beautiful headpieces and enjoying my life with my family.

What makes you happy?

Besides spending time with my son and husband, I am happiest when I work in my studio. When I create, I feel free. So when I really need to wind down, I work on new pieces, without drawings or plans. I simply feel the materials and work with them, and sometimes it works beautifully, and then again sometimes it doesn’t.

It’s an organic process, and I love it.

When you’re not designing pretty headpieces, how do you fill your spare time?

Mostly I spend time with my family and friends. I love movies, red wine and sitting around a table, enjoying a good dinner with them. But as my hobby has become my job, I often find myself working in the studio, for no other reason than that it relaxes me.

Fortunately I have a very outspoken 10 year old boy, who is not afraid to say when I’ve been in there too long :)

An Interview With Gadegaard Design + A Sneak at The Gorgeous Ethereal Collection
audrey bridal headpiece

A price guide for our brides?

Most larger headpieces costs between 150-300$ I also have smaller combs and hairpins from 39$.

Which designers give you inspiration? Who do you admire and why?

I am in love with Claire Pettibone’s dresses. Her designs speak to me of fairy-tales and English rose gardens. I simply love how she uses coloured laces on her dresses. They are simply breathtaking.

I also love the textures and clean cuts of Ashi Haute Couture ss15 collection and Antonio Riva’s 2015 collection. So so spectacular and not something for the modest bride.

And finally, do you have any advice for future brides-to-be accessorising their wedding dress and Big day?

Firstly I would say: don’t be afraid to wear a veil and headpiece together. Often they enhance each other, and you will have the option of removing the veil, and keeping the headpiece in. But it’s all about balance.

Don’t overdo it. If you’re wearing a large statement necklace, maybe tone down the earrings and maybe the headpiece and / or veil. Again keep it balanced. When in doubt, tone it down.

Did I say that? Well, yes I did ;)

An Interview With Gadegaard Design + A Sneak at The Gorgeous Ethereal Collection
olivia bridal hair adornment

Thank you so much Susanne for taking the time to answer these questions, it’s lovely getting to know you better and hearing what makes you tick!

I’m sure all the brides reading WTW will fall in love with your stunning headpieces and be super glad you quit the day job!

Ladies… am I right or am I right? Next week I’ll be sharing the full collection, but if you can’t wait until then to see more pretty please do pop on over to Gadegaard Designs – she sells her incredible headpieces and veils all around the world.

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