Rethinking the Rules of Wedding Fizz

Rethinking the Rules of Wedding Fizz

Rethinking the Rules of Wedding Fizz

As the big day approaches, you’ll want to get all of your plans in order. One important but often overlooked aspect of the festivities is the tipple.

Traditionally, Champagne is served at the toast, as a sign of celebration. However, it’s not to everyone’s tastes, so if you’d prefer to avoid the stuffy traditions of Champagne and celebrate with something different, here are a few suggestions.

siganture cocktail drinks

Signature cocktail

Why not do something a bit different for your big day and make signature wedding cocktails?

Ideally, you’d like something that represents you as a couple but also has a terrific taste! For instance, if you’re notorious amongst all of your friends for your love of chocolate, incorporate this into the drink.

You’ll have to decide if you want the cocktail to be still or fizzy: for still, use a popular spirit such as vodka or even a refreshing white wine, like Sauvignon Blanc, as a base; if you want bubbles, then supplement with a Prosecco or Cava.

Browse online for some cocktail recipes to help get your creative juices flowing, before experimenting with your own blend!

champagne cocktail

Alternatives to Champagne

If you want to have something fizzy on the big day, it doesn’t have to cost you the earth. Why not opt for the more affordable choice of Prosecco, which is a fantastic option in its own right.

Prosecco’s fruitier, lighter tones are often preferred over the drier champagne —and its price means you can order plenty for the big day! You can find some great offers on cases of Prosecco from Tesco Wine and other retailers. Prosecco can also be paired with appetisers, working particularly well with fish and cured meats.

You could also go for a Spanish Cava, which has a drier finish than its counterpart, but is equally pleasant on the palate. Cava too pairs well with oily fish and meats thanks to its high acidity. It also works wonderfully well with fatty cheeses.

sage and prosecco cocktails

Alternative to Prosecco

It’s recently been headline news that the UK could run out of Prosecco as it seems this has become our new favourite tipple! But no worries, there are loads of alternatives to Prosecco so you needn’t feel deprived.

As mentioned above, Cava is the Spanish alternative which has a much drier, crisper taste but perhaps you could consider something like an elder-flower type drink? The other day I tried a new perry based drink called Wild Spritz  – it really was rather yummy, and most importantly, still sparkly!

elderflower fizz spritzer

Avoid waste

Many people opt for a Champagne toast after the wedding speeches have taken place. By this point the majority of people will have chosen what they will drink for the evening, either continuing with what they’ve been sipping during the drinks reception while you were having your photos taken, or moving on to wine for the meal.

The Champagne toast may be traditional but it is often wasted, with people taking just a few sips from their glass. If you want to avoid this situation, ask the wedding co-ordinator or best man to ask the crowd to toast you in a neutral way, by simply saying “Can you all raise your glasses in a toast to the happy new couple?” This will avoid unnecessarily wasting cases of Champagne, which come at a steep price.

vintage champagne tower

You shouldn’t have any problem finding an alternative to the traditional Champagne toast now, and remember, any savings made can be passed on to enjoy on your honeymoon. Yay!!

This post was a collaborative post between WTW and Tesco Wine.

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