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‘Ritual Lovers’ OTADUY is an indie wedding brand for brides with personality!

Hello lovelies!

I’m super excited to share the beauty of Barcelona bridal designer Otaduy and their newly released ‘Ritual Lovers’ wedding dress collection.

Otaduy describes itself as an indie wedding brand for brides with personality, and I’m sure you’re gonna love their beautiful boho wedding gowns!

Inspired by music, cinema and art – constant values of OTADUY, the indie brand for brides with personality – the new collection “Ritual Lovers” now emphasizes the Mediterranean essence, the bucolic of rituals and the magic of the ordinary.

Life is the ceremony.

How we live it, Is the sacred ritual.


This collection conveys a message of the tangent of life between the everyday and the magic of the rituals, and how we each have our own Rituals; moments in life like the first coffee in the morning, sunsets in Cadaques, or the farewells after a long summer, are all ordinary but magical moments we set out on the journey through love.

The “Ritual Lovers” collection designs continue with the bareback saga, beautiful long ending dresses, guipure and gauze silk fabrics; distinctive elements of the brand.

Without forgetting one of its favorite pieces: the crop tops combined with skirts. And as is usual in OTADUY, we will find unique and precious embroidered fabrics developed exclusively for the brand itself.

OTADUY continues to reinvent wedding dresses as it has done since its beginning, featuring unique designs for indie brides with personality who want to feel themselves on that very special day.

Always taking care of the small details that make up the big picture and tailoring with love each of the pieces by hand at its atelier in Barcelona.

You can now find this new collection on sale in the ateliers of Madrid, Barcelona and London, as well as on its website:

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