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California Dreamin’ Spring/Summer 2017 Romantique by Claire Pettibone

Boho brides-to-be looking to inject a delicious dose of Californian cool into their big day will absolutely adore the new Romantique ‘Californian Dreamin’ collection from iconic bridal gown designer Claire Pettibone. These stunningly designed wedding dresses for spring / summer 2017 are effortlessly beautiful…

From the West coast beaches, and the long, windy drive along the Pacific Coast Highway to wine country and redwoods, it’s easy to see why the world is in a love affair with California. Creating this Romantique collection, I was inspired by the diversity of my hometown. The City of Angels attracts beautiful people from across the globe, from every culture, searching for that ineffable dream. Growing up here was perhaps the perfect place for my own dreamer’s heart to find its way.

Our city’s Spanish roots are evident not only in the names of many of our towns and streets, but in the rich tradition of Latina culture so befitting a beautiful bride. Embellished necklines, backs and sleeves convey a refined mood, and the embroideries and scalloped laces impart a touch of celebrity glamour.

Incorporating another aspect of the LA vibe, of course I had to give our beach babes and bohemian spirit equal time with crocheted laces, sexy backs, and sheer, red-carpet-ready accents. Legs, backs, and beach inspired details are perfect for a walk in the sand, or vows in a sun-dappled forest.

Sunset on the beach, care-free in the breeze of a vineyard, or luxe lace mantilla style…take your pick. In California, anything goes.

If you’re the type of bride who prefers turquoise to diamonds, wildflowers to roses, braids to formal up-do’s, and a VW bus to a limo, this collection is for you. Designer Claire Pettibone has built a career making brides’ dreams come true, but if her couture collection is a bit out of reach, or if you just want a more understated, low-key vibe for your special day, she has created some very romantic ways to say “I-do”.

“After countless love-letters from brides who adored my collection but didn’t quite have a couture budget, we decided to launch Romantique”, Pettibone explains. “It was really important to me and our company to make this collection with quality and integrity, so we chose to keep the production at home here in Los Angeles. Romantique has a relaxed elegance so that a bride can really make it her own. I love that our brides don’t fit into a “type” and that my collection seems to attract the coolest, anti-zilla, girls-you-would-totally-be-friends-with”, says the designer.

The collection includes a mixture of flowing silhouettes, feminine off-the-shoulder sleeves, delicate embroidered lace, and signature stunning backs. Graceful and ethereal, Claire Pettibone Romantique features understated, elegant gowns priced from $1,700 to $2,975, perfect for your own love story.

About the designer:

Claire Pettibone’s collections embody the designer’s vision of vintage romance with an enchanted bohemian spirit. Since launching the company with her husband, Guy Toley, in 1994, the self-described true romantic has brought her feminine sensibility to fashion. After a successful decade creating luxurious lingerie, Pettibone introduced couture bridal gowns in 2005 and so began a real shift in wedding style. The garden, vineyard, rustic and vintage inspired weddings that have become so ubiquitous, showcase many of the designer’s creations. Claire’s gentle use of color, couture details, European laces and graceful embroideries flutter and flow to make a woman look and feel like a goddess.

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