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Breathtaking Blush & Green, Nature Inspired Real Wedding: Živilė and Dalius

You would totally be forgiven for thinking that today’s breathtaking blush, green & nature inspired wedding is a styled shoot… well, that’s what I thought when I first set eyes on this beautiful real wedding.

Živilė and Dalius had an organic inspired outdoor wedding in Lithuania with lots of delicious DIY detailing. Živilė’s mum even hand-made her gorgeously ethereal, petal-inspired wedding gown! Peppered with pretty rustic detailing there are lots of swoon-worthy moments.

Words by Živilė. Images by Blue Colibri.

Our wedding party was located in one of Lithuania’s farmstead’s called “Juodasis Namas” – it means “The Black House”. We chose it because of its boundless nature: lots of trees, wide open space, and the old oak tree (it was a shelter for our wedding ceremony).

I saw some wedding dresses that I liked, but none of them was the one that I would choose to wear. So I made a mix!

We started by choosing materials (there were 4 different fabrics), we then ordered all the leaves to be cut by laser, we purchased some matte beads (as I didn’t want my dress to shine more than the Sun that day) and brought all of it together. My dress was made with two different coloured fabrics. There was a peach-pink fabric under all-white skirts. It revealed sometimes and added something special to the white of the dress.

The thing I liked the most about my dress were the leaves sewn onto my chest and waist. Everyone at the wedding party wanted to touch and feel those fluffy leaves. They were not fully attached to the dress, and for that reason, the dress was vivid and matched with nature. I felt very natural.

We organised the whole wedding ourselves. Starting from the invitations, right through to the decorations –  I’m a graphic designer and our wedding was inspired by nature.

My big brother walked me down the aisle whilst a violin played- it was such a lovely moment walking with my brother, holding hands and talking like we were just walking in the park and chilling. That was a wonderful feeling.

We started dating 9 years ago and I am accompanied by that number. Our wedding was on the 9th of July, that summer we were celebrating our 9 years anniversary of being together. I am born on 9th of April! Furthermore, my niece just turned 9 months old. I like that number a lot.

We got engaged on the shore of the Baltic sea at night, in the winter season, where the moon was shining bright and we could clearly see the stars above ours heads. It was a very memorable night for both of us.

Our wedding photographer was my older brother. I can’t even put into words how happy and unhappy was that day talking about the photography. I knew that our wedding was in the best hands for photography but at the same time I had very little time to talk, celebrate and to hug with one of my life’s men.

Huge thanks to him and his wife, they captured such beautiful moments we will be able to remember in case we forget some details in future. As well, it was an opportunity to see how we looked from the other side and feel how happy we were.

I will always love him and his family!

When it came to the styling of our day I wanted everything to match with nature. Starting with the colours (green and milk white) to the table cards, cakes, holders (wood) and all the other details.

I ordered a simple, “brush” painted wedding cake that I decorated myself.

My most memorable moment was walking towards my future husband’s back for the first reveal and seeing each other for the first time that day.

If we were to impart any advice we would say. If you can hire a specialist for your wedding planning and organising – do that. Just relax, get enough sleep and be a princess that day so you’re not thinking about wedding things.

Nature inspired our whole day. I love it very much. My husband and I are nature kids, so that inspired every detail. The colours, the decorations and the dress.

Wow! What an absolutely gorgeous, nature-inspired wedding. Loving the milk white and green colour scheme – and that dress is just sooooo delicate and pretty.

wedding credits / photographer: blue colibri

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