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Affordable Luxury Wedding Dresses: Bo and Luca Launches TEMPLE!

Bo & Luca bridal gowns have always been a firm favourite of mine when it comes to ‘so hot right now’ wedding dresses. With a super cool indie vibe this label always creates dresses you’d give your right limb for… so imagine my excitement when I heard that they have now launched an AFFORDABLE luxury bridal range.

Yep. Other level excitement!


Sydney, Australia

Finally, a bridal brand offering luxury fabrication, craftsmanship, and design at affordable prices. After 4 years designing luxury bridal wear, the creators of Bo & Luca have engineered a concentrated assortment of 10 youthful, minimalist and price-conscious gowns in its first collection previewed at April 2017 New York Bridal Week to the excitement of buyers across the United States and Europe.

Despite growing interest by brides internationally for Bo & Luca, there was always one thing Shannon Pittman, Creative Director and Founder was concerned with.

“It broke my heart…when a woman would email us being recently engaged and enquire about a gown of ours she had liked for years, only to find out they could not afford one of our pieces”.

Shannon spent a year working with her team in Mumbai, India to develop a range of gowns made with the same raw silk fabrication and hand-beaded attention to detail as Bo & Luca, but at more affordable prices.

The result are designs that take cues from the boldness of the 70’s but maintain the elegance and intricacy of an heirloom wedding gown. Like Bo & Luca’s signature line, T E M P L E remains effortless and relaxed, without boning, cinching, and ties of traditional bridal wear, these gowns are as comfortable to wear as they are beautiful.

T E M P L E by Bo & Luca brings a new energy to the bridal industry. The brand is noticeably raw, confident and at moments playful – with designs that are so unstructured and atypical to the bridal industry that feels challenging, beckoning a new age in bridal.

With styles like the Cole gown’s’ flowing gathered silk tiers and uber loose silhouette, even ladies who are self-proclaimed “non-brides” could reconsider.

Collection 01 of T E M P L E by Bo & Luca will be in stores globally, September 2017. For brides in the US, Canada, Australian, and the UK, please see our website for a full list of stockists,

For all the details – head on over to Temple by Bo and Luca right now!

photographer: jess aleece / model: annabelle harbison @ chic sydney / styling: shannon pittman / leanne mark / hair: toni & guy surry hills / make up: brie stevenson

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