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Amazing 2018 Wedding Dresses: Dana Harel ‘Daydream’

Dana Harel, lauded for her ornate and intricately detailed wedding gowns, is making a name for herself as one of Israel’s leading bridal designers branching out into the international markets.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that she has already dressed a myriad of international celebrity clientele such as supermodel Bar Rafeli, Quentin Tarantino’s fiancée Daniella Pick, and Whitney Tingle (co-founder of Sakara Life) to name just a few.

Below, an inside look at Dana Harel’s ‘Daydream’ collection that was just released.

Her Design Aesthetic

Dana Harel’s designs beautifully blend contemporary and graceful elements and consist of feminine details such as flowing-cuts, silks, handmade embroidery and other premium materials.

Likewise, she differentiates herself from other designers by creating evening-gown designs combined with avant-garde materials like beads and leather flower designs. It goes without saying that each of Dana’s dresses is custom-made and necessitates endless hours of work.

Source of Inspiration

I would say mostly from travelling the world. When I travel I make sure to visit major designer stores (such as Dior and Chanel) as I find inspiration from the fabrics and materials used in the haute couture designs.

‘Daydream’ Collection

The inspiration behind the ‘Daydream’ collection is from the ‘caftan’ or ‘gallabia’ dress (a dress style that is characterized by long sleeves and flowing fabrics) that originate from the Middle East. This collection experiments with a variety of looks, textures and materials like crystal beads, leather flower-like designs, and other hand-tailored fabrics.

Similarly, the fabrics used in the collection are sourced from one of the leading fabric conferences in the world, Paris’ Premier Vision, while the beads used in this collection are from the same supplier that Naeem Khan uses.

The Latest Bridal-dress Trends According to Dana Harel

There are various bridal-dress trends that designers are currently exploring such as the usage of crystal beads, new design elements (other than bridal lace/vintage) like leather flower-like designs, and playing with different lengths for the dresses and sleeves.

Incredible 2018 wedding dresses from another super talented Israeli bridal designer. Need to know where to buy these intricate bridal designs? Hop on over to Dana Harel Design now.

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