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Icon by Grace Loves Lace! Iconic Wedding Dresses for 2018


Grace Loves Lace, the original innovators of modern bridal and creators of ‘The World’s Most Pinned Wedding Dress’, are releasing their 2018 collection titled ICON. Motivated by iconic and influential women, past and present, the range is progressive, liberated and adventurous.

“I am my own muse, the subject I know best” – Frida Kahlo.

Renowned for challenging the status quo and refuting against restrictive, uncomfortable dresses that don’t allow women to move freely, Founder and Creative Director Megan Ziems says the collection is an exciting interpretation of what women want in 2018. “We design for women with a strong sense of self,” she said.

The range plays to the strengths of Grace Loves Lace – comfortable ts, effortless silhouettes and unexpected fabric combinations. Each dress is treated like a work of art and tells a unique story.

“The collection first and foremost celebrates self-expression as a form of personal freedom,” said Ziems. “Our dresses are an extension of a woman’s substance – they make you FEEL something,” said Ziems.

ICON is clearly a collection that celebrates the woman, her body, her character and her desire to epitomise more than the obsolete concept of what a bride should be.

Deceptively full skirts emphasise an hourglass shape and armbands in exotic trims add a further sense of drama in a rebellious play on structure.

Hyper-textured fabrics become three-dimensional by way of distinctive signature Grace Loves Lace layering, while unexpected lace combinations are offset by bold patterns and intricate detail.

Each gown is more than meets the eye. Look closer to reveal blink-and-you’ll-miss-it metallic beading, iridescent threading and playful details like star trims and secret garden embroidery.

The range also introduces a champagne-toned fabric which glimmers like stardust and amps up the luxury with the nest French Guipure lace.

Unbound by monotony and unphased by tradition, the collection is a testament that brides of today shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for comfort and communicates the strides forward women are making in the direction toward liberation from archaic ideologies.

Inspired by the quote ‘Well behaved women seldom make history,’ Ziems says the pairing of rebellion and tradition only further cements Grace Loves Lace as the most innovative leaders in bridal fashion. “I’m inspired beyond belief to represent the passionate, confident and liberated women of today.” Ziems says her customer has a very strong sense of self. “She is excited by the unexpected and gravitates toward styles that help her express her individuality.”

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