Engagement Trend: The Engagement Watch!

Engagement Trend: The Engagement Watch!

The engagement ring has a long history, one which few people know about as the concept actually dates back to the ancient Egyptians. They believed circles to be the symbol of eternity and would exchange handmade rings made from braided reeds. However, fast forward around 5,000 years and we see new trends arising in the world of engagements and proposals every year – and there’s not a reed in sight! 

Weddings have evolved greatly, and they continue to change. While some maintain certain tradition, others venture way out of the box and add personal touches to make it unique and special for those involved. One engagement trend we’re seeing more of is the engagement watch. Let’s take a look at how this trend has changed the world of weddings. 

Surprise, surprise 

One of the most popular ways this trend is being used is for when women want to pop the all-important question. Whether it’s because it’s a Leap Year or just because they think their boyfriends are taking their time dropping on one knee – there has been a rise in women taking the proposal reins. In fact, in 2018, Pinterest found that the search term: ‘women proposing to men ideas’ had increased by 336%

A watch is a wardrobe staple for every man. Whether it’s a smartwatch or a classic timepiece, most men love watches. Engagement rings as we know today with a diamond setting aren’t usually found in the men’s section, but the luxury watches are. And if your man has a job which sees him use his hands a lot, a ring could get damaged – but a watch is practical and stylish. So if you really want to propose, then investing in a timepiece is a good idea. 

Choosing a watch

There are many luxury watches to choose from (some featuring diamonds if you want to maintain some tradition). This will be one of the most important pieces of jewellery they will own – you’ll want them to love it as much as possible. Choosing a watch should take the same amount of consideration as the ring. Think about their personal style, favourite colours and what they really like. Here are some ideas to get you started:

To make a statement: Rolex

A Rolex is dramatic and one of the most famous names in luxury watches – it will be a striking accessory on the wedding day too. 

For the adventurer: Omega

Favoured by James Bond, an Omega Seamaster is perfect if your man is a thrill-seeker. And it’s been proven to look good with a suit.

Sports lover: Tag Heuer 

A perfect brand for a motorsport lover, this stylish watch captures luxury at an affordable price, making it a perfect engagement high-end watch if you’re planning to do it on a budget. 

Planning a proposal can be tough, but if you think about what your partner loves and has interests in, you’re sure to find them the perfect watch to ask the question with. And an engagement watch doesn’t have to be just for men. Women who don’t like rings may love to take part in this new trend too.

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