18 Great Options for Displaying Your Wedding Photos

18 Great Options for Displaying Your Wedding Photos

18 Great Options for Displaying Your Wedding Photos

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Your wedding photos are meant to be displayed, but with so many ways to store and show off your pictures, it can be difficult to settle on one option. If you’ve just received word back from your photographer that your photos are ready to go, here are a few ways to display them.

How to Display Your Wedding Photos

Although sharing your wedding photos with your social media followers and parents is essential, we think your most important memories should be displayed throughout your home or office.

1. In a Wedding Photo Book

Wedding albums are the perfect heirloom option because your family can spend time looking through its pages. You can create a personalized photo book for your wedding online with fully customizable designs, or you can make one yourself if you’re a Photoshop expert.

2. On a Large Wooden Plaque

If you live in an old-fashioned home filled with Cottage Core furniture, printing your wedding photos on a large, wooden plaque is a great option. You can ask an artist to place your photos on similar-sized planks that connect together, or you can try printing them on a palette.

3. In a Wedding Photo Album

Whereas a photo book displays printed photos on pages, a photo album typically comes with plastic sheets where you can insert photos. While not the most glamorous option, it’s useful and minimalist. Plus, you can take out your photos when you want to display them more openly.

4. In a Wedding Scrapbook

Scrapbooking is a fun, creative pastime for many, and it can bring new life to your wedding photos. You can use trinkets, notes, and items you and your spouse have collected over the years to fill the pages. Or, you can use dried flowers from your wedding and glue them down.

5. In a Traditional Frame

There’s nothing simpler than a traditional frame, but it serves its purpose. You don’t have to settle for a black-lined picture frame, either. This collection of frames gathered by can dress your photos. You can also find frames that show off your wedding vows or invitations.

6. As a Print With Vows

For a more minimalistic approach, you can display just your vows as a print and a separate frame of your wedding photos beside it. Both frames should be identical in size and shape, so they look like they belong together. Gold, black, or white-colored frames work best.

7. On a Clothesline Frame

Clothesline frames offer a more casual approach to displaying your photos. Simply hang up string and use wooden clothesline pegs to prop up your photos. Clothesline frames look better when you alternate the size or shape of the photos you use, so switch it up and have fun!

8. On “Thank You” Cards

Take advantage of your beautiful wedding photos and use them as future thank you or holiday cards. While you won’t be displaying these photos yourself, there’s a good chance your family and friends will. Either way, your friends and family can enjoy your wedding all over again.

9. On a Custom Painted Canvas

There are some incredible painters out there that can recreate your photos on a canvas. No matter what medium you prefer, you can find an artist that will be happy to send you a custom drawing. Keep in mind that this option is pretty expensive, but the results are often worth it.

10. In a Wooden Memory Box

Instead of putting your photos in a book, you can place your favorites inside a custom wooden memory box. Most wedding boxes will come with a compartment to hold photos, a section for invitations, and business card-sized notes. Find a photographer who prints on fine-art paper.

11. On a Wedding Photo Block

Wedding photo blocks display Polaroids based on key dates, like your proposal, wedding day, and honeymoon. You can extend the wedding block to display your first date, kiss, or child. You don’t have to worry about taking a Polaroid, either, as most photos can convert to that size.

12. In a “Greats Couples” Book

Some artists sell a “Great Couple” book collection that features celebrity couples throughout the ages. These include Cleopatra and Mark Anthony, Napoleon and Josephine, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, and of course, you and your spouse! This option is great for movie fans.

13. As a Photo Collage

Scrapbooking is fun, but it can take up a lot of your time. Instead of ripping up your photos or pasting things over them, you can make a digital collage. If you have some free space, put your and your spouse’s names, wedding date, meaningful quotes, and sections of your vows.

14. As a Large Wall Sticker

Sticker companies will take your photos and give them a sticky backing, so you can display them on your walls, computers, and notebooks without a frame. This is a great option for people that want to keep their wedding photos with them but are afraid of bending their photographs.

15. On a Stone Slate

Personalised wedding slates can display any photo on stone, which works perfectly for the outdoors. Rain won’t warp the image imprinted on the slate, and discoloring won’t occur if you put a protective film overtop. They’re also difficult to crack or break, even when dropped.

16. On Old Shutters

Old shutters can be used to display polaroids or glossy photos, but polaroids look the best when held with clothespins. Since you’ll have a lot of room, put memorabilia and photos taken before the marriage. Old school photos or pictures from when you were dating will work well here.

17. On Old Windows

Take an old, rustic window and prop it up on an art easel. Then, add your photos directly on the glass with glue. If you poke holes in some of your pictures, light will shine through them. Alternatively, you could cut around the people in your photos but keep the Polaroid frame.

18. On A Digital Frame

If you can’t decide what photo you want to put in a single frame, try a digital one. A digital frame can cycle through your wedding day’s best moments in plain sight. Most digital picture frames come in 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB, which should be more than enough for all your photos.

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