Wedding Decor: 5 Top Tips for Wedding Table Styling That Wows

Wedding Decor – Wedding Table Styling

When planning your wedding decor, table styling is a big part of your day, so it can seem very overwhelming. You may have pinned hundreds of gorgeous tablescapes, but you are now left wondering how to combine your favourite elements into one perfect wedding table design that fits into your wedding colour scheme or theme.

Well don’t worry, we got you! Follow these 5 top wedding table styling tips below – they’ll help you build your perfect wedding tablescape that compliments your decor. Happy styling and you’re welcome!

Tip One – Deciding on your Table Style

Firstly, It’s important to know what type of table you are styling, a round table can be arranged very differently to long trestle tables. You might find that one type fits in better with your venue layout and style.  It’s also worth speaking to your venue to see what table options they offer in your package as this may guide you in one direction. However, don’t feel like you always have to go with the ‘included’ option if you don’t think it fits with the look you want. Personally, I find round tables more formal and long tables more relaxed as everyone’s seated a bit closer together so it depends on the vibe you want for your wedding. 

Tip Two – Choosing your Colour Palette

It’s important to have an idea of your colour scheme for your wedding so that it’s cohesive throughout each part of your day. When designing your tables you can expand on your colour scheme a little bit by including different shades and tones of those colours. This can really help to create depth and warmth to your table. In this table design, I’ve chosen to have a more neutral palette with touches of bolder pink in some of the flowers, menus and linen. I chose to use contrast in colours to create more of a statement as I love bolder tablescapes. 

It’s worth noting that if your flowers are very colourful then it might be better to tone down the colour palette for the rest of your table so that you don’t overshadow the flowers and make the table look overly busy, let the flowers speak for themselves!  

Tip Three – Incorporate lots of Different Textures 

Many people don’t notice all the different textures used to create a perfect table as it can be done subtly with the colour palette tying everything together. In reality, there are usually different textures in the table linen, napkins, runners, menus, place names, table numbers and glassware etc. Pretty much every item on this table is a different texture but it helps to stop the tables from looking too uniform and cold. There’s nothing worse than turning up to a wedding with white tablecloths, white crockery, white napkins and 1 or 2 bud vases in the centre of the tables that you can tell the venue produces week in and week out! It’s so important you make your wedding YOURS and by adding different textures to your tables you’re giving them some personality and making them unique to you!

Tip Four – Explore Different Heights

To make your tables more striking you could play around with the levels of your table elements. The most cost-effective way of doing this is to have taper candles and use various heights of candles and/ or candlesticks. The different levels make the tables more exciting and breaks up the uniformity. Another option for those with bigger budgets is to give your flower arrangements different heights either within the flowers you choose or with varying vases and pillars to put the arrangements on, this will definitely give you the WOW factor! 

Tip Five – Swap out the Standard for the Colourful

It is mostly standard for either venues or catering companies to provide you with white crockery, white napkins, silver cutlery and clear glassware as part of your package. Even though they are included, it seems a shame to have worked so hard on personalising the rest of your wedding to then go generic with the place setting which can look a bit bland and boring! If you can squeeze it into your budget, I’d recommend either hiring charger plates, colourful napkins or coloured glassware to match your style and colour palette. Hiring at least one of these options will really help to elevate your tables from being more generic to have an impact! 

Wedding Decor – Wedding Table Styling

Once you’ve designed your perfect tablescape for your wedding, please don’t try and set them all up yourself! You need to enjoy the lead up to your wedding and you don’t want to be stressing about having to layout 10 tables and 100 place settings, especially if the venue only allows you the morning of the wedding to set up! As a wedding planner I offer design and styling set up and clear down as part of my On the Day Coordination package and you can trust that I will layout your wedding breakfast and any other spaces exactly how you had planned.

This article was written by The Wedding Bee and edited by moi. Need more wedding decor advice? Follow this wedding decor checklist to make sure you’ve got everything covered!.  


Credits: Wedding Planner & Stylist & Stationery: The Wedding Bee / Photographer: Natalie Silvester Photography / Tableware: Duchess & Butler / Florist: Sarah Matthews Flowers / Furniture & Prop Hire: Dress It Yourself / Candles: LefeuCo / Linen: Northfields Linen / Venue: Appuldurcombe House 


Wedding Planner & Stylist & Stationery:  @thewedding_bee / Photographer:  @nataliesilvesterphotography / Tableware: @duchessbutler / Florist: @sarahmatthewsflowers / Furniture & Prop Hire: @dress_it_yourself_ / Candles: @_le.feu / Linen: @northfieldslinen / Venue:

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