Wedding Ideas: 101 Colour Ideas for your Wedding!!!

101 Wedding Colour Ideas for your Wedding!!!

I was busy putting together Sunday’s wedding colour inspiration post and having a little meander through older wedding ideas too when I suddenly realised that there were over 100 wedding colour and theme wedding ideas contained on this very blog!!

Now that is some seriously serious wedding inspiration. Then I thought, wouldn’t it be amazing if all this information was in one blog post? I know genius right? ;)

So here it is…

101 Wedding Colour Ideas for your Wedding!!!

Ok, slow down there Missy… I would have to be slightly insane (and then some) to put every. single. idea. here. So what I will do is share my absolute faves and then link to the rest.

Nude Blush Shimmer

If you’re looking for an incredibly dreamy and romantic colour scheme I hope you’ll be inspired by today’s colour combination, Nude Blush Shimmer. Nude, soft apricot and

blushes with a hint of green and a gorgeous shimmer.

nude blush shimmer

Linen & Black

I’ve always loved the idea of using the colour black in a white wedding. Black can be an incredibly chic and stylish colour to choose from and it doesn’t have to be overly dark or oppressive.

For this Linen & Black mood board, I have chosen to mix black with linen, charcoal, cream and a hint of blush. I think it’s a real winner.

Linen & Black: Wedding Colour Inspiration

White on White

White on white is a totally timeless wedding colour scheme that will never go out of fashion. The key to getting this look right is all about texture and lovely lighting. Using different textures creates interest and your lighting can set the right kind of tone.

White on White Wedding Inspiration: Colour Ideas

Peach, Mint & Blue

If you’re dreaming of a super romantic and incredibly chic wedding colour combination then you can’t go wrong with choosing the supremely pretty hues of Peach, Mint & Blue.

An ultra-feminine and modern colour palette – this will inject a beautiful shot of romanticism into your big day.

Peach Mint & Blue Wedding Ideas & Inspiration

Organic Green, Gold & Black

This wedding mood board is a gorgeous organic green, gold and black colour scheme. I love the mix of rustic/organic leaves like rosemary and olive vines mixed in with understated matte gold and modern hints of black!

Organic Green, Gold & Black | Wedding Inspiration: Colour Ideas

Powder Blues & Coral Pinks

This powder blue wedding colour scheme is mixed with gorgeously soft salmon pink or blush pink, and what really makes this colour palette pop is the use of the bright coral pinks and cornflower blues and the merest hints of teal and lavender.

Powder Blues & Coral Pinks | Wedding Inspiration: Colour Ideas

Ink Blue & Blush

Blush Grey & Inky Blue

Shades of Grey

Shades Of Grey: Wedding Inspiration | Colour Ideas

Nude, Red & Blush

Nude, Red & Blush Wedding Inspiration: Colour Ideas

Antique Gold & Black Ink

Antique Gold & Black Ink Wedding Inspiration

Sea Foam, Teal & Antique Gold

Sea-foam, Teal & Antique Gold: Wedding Inspiration | Colour Ideas

Sophisticated Citrus

Sophisticated Citrus! Wedding Colour Ideas

Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine! Yellow Wedding Inspiration

Rustic Autumn

Autumn wedding ideas & inspiration

Rustic Turquoise

Rustic Turquoise Wedding Inspiration: Colour Ideas

Blues, Greys & Silvers

Blues, Greys, Silver + Sparkle | Wedding Inspiration

Shades of Plum

Rustic Shades of Plum: Colour Inspiration & Wedding Ideas

Rose Gold

Rose Gold Wedding Inspiration

Radiant Orchid

The Year Of The Orchid (Radiant Orchid) | Wedding Inspiration: Colour Ideas

Burlap, Blush & Coral

Burlap, Blush & Coral: Wedding Inspiration | Colour Ideas

Brown Leather

Brown Leather Wedding Inspiration

Slates & Blues

Slate & Blues: Wedding Colour Inspiration & Ideas

Teal & Gold Sequins

Teal, Emerald & Gold Sequins: Wedding Inspiration & Colour Ideas

Muted Hues

Muted Hues Wedding Inspiration

Modern Pink, Yellow & Silver

Pink, Yellow & Silver Wedding Inspiration

Amber Dust

Amber Dust! Pretty Amber Coloured Wedding Ideas

Nude, Ivory & Cream


Gorgeous Green & Blush

gorgeous green and blush wedding inspiration: colour ideas

Lavender & Mint

Lavender & Mint Wedding Inspiration | Colour

Orange Gold & Peach

Orange, Gold & Peach Wedding Inspiration: Colour Ideas

Red Velvet

Red velvet, gold and green wedding inspiration and ideas

Midsummers Night

A Midsummers Night's Dream Wedding Inspiration & Ideas

Neon & Neutral

Yellow Neon

Floral Spring

Floral Spring | Wedding Inspiration: White & Green

Orange & Pink

Super Brights |Orange & Pink: Wedding Ideas + Colour Inspiration

Lavender & Dusty Lilac

lavender, lilac and purple

And here are a few wedding theme ideas…


Shipwrecked! Rustic Coastal Wedding Inspiration

Old World Romance

Old World Romance | Wedding Inspiration & Wedding Ideas

Tuscan Romance

Tuscan Romance: Italian Wedding Inspiration


Pearl Wedding Ideas & Inspiration

Palm Springs

Palm Springs Chic!

Moroccan Boho

Moroccan Boho Chic: Wedding Inspiration & Ideas

Now check out the rest! There are so many beautiful wedding colour ideas, you are just spoilt for choice.

Do you have a colour scheme in mind? Would you like me to create your very own mood board?

Just leave a comment on the blog below and I’ll create something AMAZING, just for you.

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101 Wedding Colour Ideas for your Wedding!!!

Need some wedding colour ideas for 2022? Follow the link…

  1. Hello! I’m looking for a color palette for my wedding that I can’t find anywhere… I really want the groom and groomsmen in navy, not sure about bridesmaids yet. Colors would be pale citrus with dark wood and copper accents. Not sure if I’m crazy and out there and asking too much but can’t find this to see it all together! Any help would be great!

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