Financing Your Fairytale Wedding Without Postponing – A Complete Guide

Financing Your Fairytale Wedding Without Postponing – A Complete Guide

A wedding is a day many people look forward to for their entire lives. They don’t tell you that weddings are expensive unless you decide to have a small ceremony in a public space.

Most couples do not know how expensive a wedding can be until they enter the planning stages. However, you can still pull off that big wedding you have always dreamed of with adequate planning.

You especially need to know how you can pay for the wedding. The following are ways you can finance your fairytale wedding, so you do not have to postpone it: 

Get A Loan

If you cannot save enough for a lavish wedding, you should consider getting a loan to pay for the wedding or supplement what you have. Just as there is financing for cars and homes, you can also get financing for a wedding.

However, it cannot be a payment plan since a wedding is not a salvageable asset. You will have to start looking at a personal loan to finance your wedding instead.

Therefore, you should start improving your credit score as soon as possible. The better your credit score, the better the personal loan terms.

It would also be best to find out as much as possible about wedding loans. Getting a personal loan will be best for additional financing, so use it as one of the final options.


It is a great idea to save money, but you often do it for a rainy day or to take advantage of opportunities. You can finance a wedding by saving for it for as long as possible.

It would be best if you came up with an estimate of how much you will need for your wedding, depending on how large you want it to be. Your wedding budget should be one of the first things you do when planning a wedding; the earlier, the better.

It will tell you how much you need to save. A fantastic idea is to start a savings account or fund specifically for the wedding. It may require that you sacrifice other forms of spending, but the account can grow quite quickly if you are committed.

Saving for a wedding may be a slow process, but it allows you to have a wedding without borrowing. Organisation is vital if you plan on financing a wedding through your savings. However, it makes planning for your honeymoon and other post-wedding costs more manageable.

Credit Card

Another option for financing a wedding is to use credit cards. How much financing you can get from credit cards will depend on the limits of the credit cards. The higher your credit score and income, the higher the limit and more of your wedding you can charge to the credit card.

Most credit cards have exorbitant interest rates, so it would be better to get a loan to finance the wedding. However, a credit card would be a great option if you have a low-interest rate.

Sometimes, you may find credit cards with 0% introductory interest rates. It would be best to charge wedding purchases to the credit card as it can result in rewards like bonuses and savings in the long run. 


Traditionally, the bride’s parents, specifically the father, are supposed to pay for the wedding. However, if they cannot pay for whatever reason, you can still get family and friends to help with the cost of the wedding.

You can use donations to finance a wedding which can be challenging. Relying on the goodwill of your loved ones for your wedding will make the ceremony a lot more meaningful as they will know they contributed to the event’s success. 

On the other hand, it can be risky to ask friends and family for money for a wedding as it is not money they will get back. Therefore, you will have to budget the wedding based on what you can receive from the donations and what you can add to the sum. You will have to be the one to determine if contributions from loved ones will introduce any friction between you. 

Financing the big day is an issue of serious contention and requires a lot of planning. The four main ways of financing a wedding are savings, loans, credit cards, and donations. However, you can come up with creative solutions such as crowdfunding. The key is to find the financing method that best works for you. 

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