10 Unique Wedding Bands For One Of A Kind Brides

If you are looking for a completely unique wedding band, then this is the post for you! Finematter and WTW have teamed up to share with you our fave wedding rings for all of you one-of-a-kind brides. There are some absolute beauts in this post so prepare to be impressed.

10 Unique Wedding Bands For One Of A Kind Brides

The Statement Piece

Unique brides looking for a statement wedding band that’s also truly unique should consider rings by designers WWAKE and Elhanati. WWAKE is a cult brand specialising in delicate and ethical pieces and Elhanati mixes Middle Eastern mysticism with Scandinavian minimalism in their design process.

First to make the list is this triangle shaped 14kt yellow gold diamond wedding ring – it is designed and made by WWAKE. We adore its delicate design and the teeny tiny diamonds. A modern and on-trend wedding band that is pretty yet makes a complete statement.

Next up is this one-of-a-kind design by Elhanati. Let me tell you, this super-cool ring has us captivated! If you are looking for a wedding band that is unique and stands out from the crowd – this is it!

The Timeless Classic

Fashion-focused brides looking for a timeless wedding ring that’s a complete classic, and beautifully stylish should consider rings by designers Satomi Kawakita Jewelry or Dinny Hall. Satomi Kawakita is known for her beautiful craftsmanship and attention to detail and Dinny Hall is a luxury brand with 30 years of heritage, and is renowned for her signature pearl or diamond designs.

This polished diamond half eternity band on the left is a modern take on an absolutely classic design. Set with 19 pave diamonds and made by Satomi Kawakita Jewelry it’s an affordable band of brilliant beauty.

The marquise-shaped setting on this white-gold ring on the right is so eye-catching, It’s a great piece for stacking and a relatively affordable choice to boot and that’s why it made our top 10!

Unique Shapes

If you’re a bride looking for a unique wedding band, nothing shouts unique more than a ring that has a non-conformist shape. Ring designers Mociun and KATKIM have created these 2 rings below. Mociun designs contemporary jewellery and is known for using coloured gemstones and antique diamonds. KATKIM has striking and graphic jewellery with a profound focus on sustainability.

Added to the list is this contemporary design by Mociun, the cool-yellow gold band on the left is firmly in our top 10. Its clean, futuristic design and shape give the classic solitaire an unexpected twist.

On the right, another delicate yet interesting offering is this stunning mini trace pavé ring by Katkim. The fluid diamond design dances around the finger oh-so beautifully.

Contemporary and Elegant

Lovers of a more modern and contemporary style should take a look at these elegant rings below. Sarah Appleton specialises in modern fine jewellery using recycled gold and conflict-free stones and ELI-O makes everything by hand in her Geneva studio, conscious production is also at the heart of what she does.

Another elegant yet completely unique wedding band is the Aella diamond band ring by ELI-O. The buttery gold and offset diamonds make this an ultra-modern choice. We 100% approve.

If subtlety is your queen, this Prime half half ring by Sarah Appleton will definitely appeal. Half polished and half matt its simplicity is en-point and totally deserving of a place on the list.

Raw and Organic

Lovers of a more organic process and the use of natural untreated materials must take a look at these rings below. Ellis Mhairi Cameron’s hand craftsmanship and fine materials are combined to make imperfect, beautiful sculptural forms and Corali produces contemporary jewellery influenced by the Danish culture of design and architecture.

This gold reticulated flat wedding band by Ellis Mhairi Cameron is part of the incredible Excavations collection. Understated yet unique in style, it pairs perfectly with the incredible engagement rings included in a knock-out collection.

Again, if classic isn’t your bag, this twisted gold Lina ring will be heaven-sent. We love its cool take on the modern wedding band. Perfect for a completely unique bride!

If you’re still undecided which wedding ring to pick, head over to Finematter’s carefully curated selection of wedding bands to find your special piece.

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