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Emotional & Romantic Outdoor Villa Wedding: Annalì and Nicolò

Totally head overheels in love with today’s real wedding! It’s such an emotional and romantic outdoor villa wedding with lots of cute detail (including origami cranes and make a wish bottles) that it’s bound to inspire you.

Annalì and Nicolò married in Italy and had the amazing Aparat Photography capture their special day.

Words by Annalì and Nicolò. Image by Aparat Photography.

We chose our wedding venue Villa Ferrari from the first moment we saw it. It astonished us with its romantic atmosphere nestled in the winter fog, the bare gardens that would flower in spring and explode in the summer.

When we walked through the villa we saw right away the big maple where we could celebrate our wedding, a large tree that dominated the garden. But the most striking moment was the entry into a circle of cypresses when it began to rain – it was a magical moment that something was happening and something unique would happen months later.

For our wedding flowers we chose hydrangeas (an explicit invitation to take advantage of the joys of love), peonies (a bringer of luck and a happy marriage) and English roses (love, devotion, admiration, beauty and perfection).

It was not easy to find the dress with which I wanted to celebrate this magical moment. I had never imagined my wedding dress. I leafed through magazines and visited several shops with my sisters, Olivia and Bibi. Then along  came the perfect one! I saw my dress in an atelier in Milan’s historic center, right next to a theater where I had danced.

I felt that dress and it felt like a second skin: it was mine! Delicate, light, with antique lace at the top and an impalpable skirt with a small tail. Fabiana has designed and created this dress developing it from its center like the movement of the dancers, just perfect. When I wore the veil and I my eyes sparkled, finally I really imagined myself as a bride.

My entrance was with my mother and my sister. I walked down the aisle to just the sound of nature.

There were lots of really exciting moments including walking towards my husband accompanied with only the song of cicadas, the exchange of our promises, the celebration of our ritual in the circle of friends around us and the embraces and excited eyes of those we love and who shared with us this great joy.

Our wedding photographers were Aparat Photography – their photos and their way of shooting was the reason why we chose them to capture the memory of a day that is and will be forever memorable through their shots.

We thought to make this day as much as possible like us, a mirror of who we are. The desire was to celebrate such an important moment in the middle of nature and with the people that most have woven their fibers with our lives.

We opted for a delicate wedding cake with white cream, covered with berries and inside dark chocolate.

If you could impart any words of wisdom to a future brides planning their wedding day, what would they be?

My only advice is to enjoy every single moment that precedes this day without anxiety, without fear, but breathing deeply every joy, every emotion, every smile that comes from imagining how it will be. Then everything flows too fast and you want to start over. So I made ​​a promise with my husband that we will get married every year.

My other advice is to choose a good photographer, Zosia and Jakub, the Aparat Photographers are really perfect. They have great talent in capturing the special moments, the moments perfect, perfect lighting and the day before they take a tour around to make pictures amazing. They are really delicate and professional and brilliant :-)

We chose to create every detail of our wedding personally: the announcments, the haiku that we composed for the guests, the origami cranes, the bottles of time where you can leave messages to be read for years to come, the garden’s poetry and the nice photobooth kit. It was amazing – we loved everything about our big day!

Massive congratulations to this super sweet couple and thank you to Aparat Photography for sharing the pretty.

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wedding credits / photographer: aparat photography / wedding venue: villa ferrari gussola / brides dress: sartoria bassani / brides veil: sartoria bassani / florist: cerimonie-fiorista

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