Inspiring Wedding Balloon Ideas For Your Special Day

Inspiring Wedding Balloon Ideas For Your Special Day

Balloons are a trend that keep on innovating the wedding industry with the continuous new changes and arrangements that can be incorporated.

If you are looking to complete your wedding decor with accessories that add a touch of elegance and fun, then considering a balloon arrangement is something that should definitely be considered.

In this article, Balloons Galore are here to help inspire your wedding decor choices and show how balloons can provide the finishing touch you have been longing for.

Elegant Balloon Design Choices

For many, balloons are used to add a flow or centrepiece to a chosen event space. However, you want a choice that is going to compliment the area, whilst also heightening the overall elegance of your wedding decor.

For instance, marble balloons are becoming a more popular choice as the gorgeous design and different colour tones you can choose from can help further complement the style you are looking for.

This idea is perfect if you are looking to use balloons as your key focus element to your wedding decor, as the complementing marble design will work anywhere you choose to place them.

Balloon Arches

Balloon arches can help elevate your decor like no other option can.

Choosing a balloon arch centrepiece for your wedding will help add beauty and elegance to your wedding space, where you also have the freedom to incorporate your main colour tones and shades into your bespoke centrepiece. With balloon arches, the more colour you build up, the more attractive it will become.

You may already have your chosen decor in place but balloon arches are something you should consider if you are looking to further enhance the beauty of your chosen space and an option that is becoming increasingly adored.

Beautiful Backdrops

Balloon backdrops not only provide your space with an eye-catching focus point but are also amazing to use as your backdrop theme for your wedding photographs.

Having a balloon backdrop can provide you with a main theme to your wedding photographs and helps maintain the elegant style and colour theme you had dreamed about for your special day.

Feature walls are becoming increasingly popular in the event and wedding industry as they incorporate a unique style to any space, this can also be incorporated with flowers or any other preferred accessory of your choosing.

Stand Out Using Words

Letter balloons and personalised worded balloons are an amazing way to add the bespoke element you want for your special day.

Just as we discussed with the balloon backdrops, letter balloons are also another fantastic option that can be used for your wedding photographs as either a backdrop or photo prop.

With the gorgeous range of shades and colour options now available with personalised and letter balloons, you can provide a loving statement, whilst adding a touch of style to your wedding decor. 

You may have not originally considered balloons as part of your wedding decor plan, but with the innovation of ideas and new options available, they are something that should not be missing out on. 

Whether you are looking to add a more sustainable element to your special day with biodegradable options, or you want to further increase the sophistication and sparkle to your decor, balloons offer the options you need to help make your day and decor unique to you and the one you love.

Photography by Miriam Callegari Weddings.

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