What are the Best Honeymoon Destinations?

A honeymoon is a celebration of a new beginning, a testament to your love’s journey. That’s why choosing the perfect destination is paramount. North America offers couples amazing getaways. 

You can choose to relax in tropical havens and serene beaches or majestic mountains and cosmopolitan cities, there are plenty of options available for a couple holiday to the United States

Maui, Hawaii

Of course, the first spot on our list will be Hawaii, which has long been synonymous with paradise. Its golden beaches, cascading waterfalls, and the alluring Road to Hana, Maui provide a backdrop for romance that is as bountiful as it is breathtaking. Couples can indulge in luxurious resorts, snorkel in the clear blue waters, or simply bask in the warmth of the Hawaiian sun.

Banff, Alberta 

Banff is a sanctuary located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. The turquoise lakes, towering peaks, and pristine wilderness are simply spectacular. In Banff, you can find luxurious lodges like the Fairmont Banff Springs which offers royal treatment to all the couples who decide to travel together to Canada

Napa Valley, California 

For those who love fine wine and gourmet cuisine, Napa Valley is a vinicultural mecca. Honeymooners can enjoy private wine tastings, hot air balloon rides at dawn, and sumptuous meals at Michelin-starred restaurants, all wrapped in the valley’s romantic ambience.

Savannah, Georgia 

Savannah is a perfect example of the friendly and easy-going style of the South. It’s full of old, pretty squares, trees hanging with Spanish moss, and big, old-fashioned houses. The city feels very romantic and calm, which is great for couples who want to take it easy and enjoy their time together. You can go for cosy horse-drawn carriage rides, stay in small, cosy hotels, and shop in charming little stores that match the old-timey feel of this place in Georgia.

Quebec City, Quebec 

Quebec City is a place in North America that feels a lot like a European city. It has a strong French background that you can see in the old stone roads, the big and fancy Château Frontenac hotel, and the Old Town area that is very special and protected by UNESCO. Couples can enjoy the feel of Europe by having dinner by candlelight, visiting sweet little coffee shops, and, if they go at the right time, experiencing the fun Winter Carnival.

Big Sur, California 

Big Sur is a beautiful part of the California coast with amazing views that you’ll always remember, especially if you drive along Highway 1. It’s a great place for couples who love the wild outdoors. You’ll see big cliffs, tall trees, and the ocean waves crashing. It feels special and private. Even in the middle of all this nature, you can find cosy small hotels and places to relax that are nice and comfortable.

Charleston, South Carolina 

And the last on our list is Charleston. Charleston is like a city from an old storybook. It has beautiful old buildings, lovely gardens, and a classic charm. Couples can have fun taking slow rides on carriages pulled by horses, watching the sun go down while sailing in the harbour, and eating some really tasty Southern food.

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